Behavior Problems and Child Identity Crisis

Some specific problems and disorders that occur in children is problem about identity crisis and behavior problem. What is definition of these problem and how to solve it?

Issues Identity Crisis

The definition of identity crisis is a situation where the identity of the individual / person who is not clear . Targets occurred on adolescents aged 14-15 years, which at this age is influenced by hormonal factors commonly called future shock / hurricane. This period is time for childhood want to free regardless and still dependence. If this period is not considered then the child will run away to the peer group ( peer ). Peer influence is usually juvenile delinquency. At this time the need is parental supervision or advice.

Behavior Disorders in children

Definition of behavior problem is behavior that are repeated or persistent so that causes violations of human rights of someone else. Behavioral disturbances are usually more severe than the usual mischief.

The causes of behaviour problem
  • The cause is biological, genetic, consistency, brain disorders, physical disorders, psychosocial
  • The other cause that is not due to the above causes, that is, the refusal of parents to their children, parent education is inconsistent, overly harsh discipline, parent dies and the child does not get love unfortunately, illegitimate child, a parent with a personality disorder.
  • Socio-cultural factors, the effect of war, technological change, economic issues
Type and Classification of  Behavior Disorders
  • Aggressive, with the sign and symptom, there are violations of human rights of others people, acts of violence; direct confrontation with the form of beatings, leathering, murder, robbery, and others .
  • Non aggressive, indirect confrontation; like for ditching, drug abuse / substance /; run away from home; lying, stealing
  • Aggressive not in a group, there is no bond of love; less interaction and lovely; egocentric; manipulation; callous.
  • Aggressive group, there is a bond with the group  outside groups callous, manipulating, no guilt .
Treatment for Behavioral disorder and Identity Crisis

To treat and handling this condition is with psycho therapy or institution by the expert and professional in this problem ( given guidance although immature )

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