Tips for Choose of Animal Protein

Meat, Poultry, and Seafood is one of the best of animals protein source. We just love our animal proteins, don’t we? The following suggestions can help you enjoy your favorites without going overboard on saturated fats and calories
  • Choose high-fat meats such as sausage, ribs, bacon, and hamburger less frequently.
  • Look for lean cuts of red meat such as round, sirloin, top loin, and flank cuts.
  • Highly marbled meats come with a hefty calorie, fat, and saturated fat price—use  sparingly!
  • Higher fat meats can be prepared with dry heat methods (bake, broil, or grill), whereas lean meats taste better with slow, moist cooking methods (baste, braise, marinate, or stew).
  • Ground turkey with skin contains almost as much fat as regular ground beef. Ask your butcher for ground turkey breast without skin.
  • When choosing poultry, dark meat is slightly higher in fat but also contains more iron. Remove the skin to save significant calories, cholesterol, and saturated fat. Cook all types of poultry in large batches and freeze in individual portions for quick meals.
  • Deli meats are convenient, but most are high in sodium, and some can be high in fat as well. Ask for nutrition information and try to use fresh meats more often.
  • Check labels on special products—turkey bologna, franks, and bacon may be just as high in fat and calories as their regular counterparts.
  • Fresh seafood shouldn’t smell “fishy”; if it does, shop elsewhere or stick to frozen.
  • If you’re new to eating fish, try mild varieties such as tilapia, orange roughy, and other whitefish before tackling more strongly flavored varieties such as salmon.

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