The Sin of Adultery in Islam

In the view of Islam , doing or action adultery is a sin of which is prohibited by Allah. Adultery in islam religion is an violation, that is according to the Word of God :

وَلَا تَقۡرَبُواْ ٱلزِّنَىٰٓۖ إِنَّهُۥ كَانَ فَٰحِشَةٗ وَسَآءَ سَبِيلٗا 

And go not nigh to fornication; surely it is an indecency and an evil way.
( al-Isra': 32 )

In Strictly speaking, God has given predicate for who's doing adultery through the verse as indecency and damned. Not only that, God forbid even committing to approaching adultery. In addition, God also equalized adultery with other major sins, and threatening the perpetrators with hard torture later in the day of Judgment.

Also about adultery in islam, Allah says : " And those who do not worship another god along with Allah and do not kill the soul which Allah has forbidden ( to kill ) except with ( reason ) is true, and not doing adultery, so whoever did it, surely he got ( retaliation ) sin , ( ie ) doom will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection and he will abide in it's doom in a state of humiliation, except those who repent, believe and do righteous deeds; their crime so they were replaced with the virtue by God. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful" 

The Apostle of Allah, has also prohibits an action of adultery:

 يامعشر النس , اتقو الزنا فان فيه ت حصال : ثلاثافى الدنيا وثلا ثا فى الاخرة , امالتى فى الدنيا فيذهب الهاء , ويورث الفقر , وينقص العمر , واما التى فى الاخرة : فسخط الله , وسوء الحساب , وعذاب النار

"O mankind, fear against doing adultery, because this action will result in six cases, three in the world and the three again in the hereafter. The thing that is going to happen in the world are : ( 1 ) eliminate the life of someone, ( 2 ) resulted in poverty , ( 3 ) reduce the lifespan . And three more that will be dropped in the hereafter : ( 1 ) God gets angry , ( 2 ) an ugly reckoning ( a multitude of sins ) , and ( 3 ) the torment of hell ( This Hadith was also written by Imam Sayuthi in his book Al - Jami ' Al - Kabir , and al - Kharrathy Masawi narrated in the book of Al - Morals . ) " .

The words of the Prophet " eliminate authority " for adultery signaled that adultery would lose his soul cleanliness and purity itself , which is both a source of happiness and tranquility of his life .
In islam perspective, Doing adultery will also result in the culprit being poor. Therefore, the culprit will always pursue the satisfaction of lust, which of course will take energy and time for themselves . In addition, he must pay to satisfy his sexual desire, which is basically not a bit. Both of these factors will result in the impoverished for who's doing adultery .

In Islam doing adultery will also result in reduced lifespan due to adultery disease that can lead to death .
The most condemned adultery in Islam is a behavior performed adultery with the wife of a neighbor . There is a history that is narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas'ud :

 سألت رسول الله : اي الذ نب اعظم عند الله ? قال : ان تجعل لله ندا وهو خلقك , قلت : ثم اي ? قال : ان تقتل ولدك من اجل ان يطعم معك , قلت ثم اي ? قال : ان تزاني حيلة جا رك ( رواه البخارى ومسلم )

" I asked to the Messenger of Allah . : ' What is the the greatest sin in the sight of Allah ? ' The Messenger of Allah . replied : ' associating partners with Allah , and Allah is Who created you ' , I ask again : ' Then what sin? ' He replied : ' Kill your son for fear of starvation ' , I asked again " ' Then what sin? ' He replied : ' adultery (the meaning of adultery here is that if, based on the willingness of the neighbor's wife , the culprit gets double sin of adultery sin, and the second is destructive relationship between wife and husband. Adultery is a gross and heinous act, if done with the neighbor's wife( Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim . ).

In Islam, between adultery and faith can not be incorporated in the soul of a believer. Because the true faith will be a shield for a believer of immoral acts .

For that the Prophet said :

 لايزني الزني حين يزني وهو مؤمن ولايسرق السرق حين يسرق وهو مؤمن , ولا يشرب الخمر حين يشربها , وهو مؤمن . ( رواه البخارى ومسلم )

" Someone is not in a state of faith when he was committing of adultery; a thief is not in a state of faith when he was committing theft and a drinker not in a state of faith when you're sipping liquor ( Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim . ) " .

Action of adultery will lead to anger of God . Prophet said :

 أربعة يبغضهم الله : البياع الحلاف والفقير المختال . والشيخ الزانى , والامام الجائر . ( رواه النسائ )

" There are four people who are subject to God 's anger : ( 1 ) a trader who likes to swear , ( 2 ) the believers are arrogant, ( 3 ) persons who are elderly committing for adultery, ( 4 ) a priest of the unjust ( Narrated by An - Nasai ) " .

 Adultery can also lead to the punishment in the world, as the words of the Prophet :

 لاتزال أمتي بخير مالم يفش فيهم الزنا , فاذا فشا فيهم الزنا فأوشك ان يعمهم الله بعذاب . ( رواه احمد )

" My community is still in good condition while adultery was not hit them . If the act of adultery was rampant among them , Allah will release punishment at all ( Narrated by Imam Ahmad ) " .

The Sin of adultery in islam has its own level. When done with other women ( not mahram, that means woman may be married) are not married, so these adultery is a great sin . If the adultery done with a woman who is married , his sin is more greater. And will become the most Greater sin when performed adultery with a neighbor . And greater than all the adultery committed by the still mahram ( mahram woman means that women should not marry . )

If the act of adultery committed by a person who has been married , then his sin is larger than people who have not married . It can be proved that the punishment is different between them . And even more if the adultery committed by a person who has advanced age , compared to those carried out by young people . It is envisaged because the elderly are considered more mature thinking . And adultery is committed by people who do not understand the religious laws is have heavier sin than people who do not understand religious knowledge

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