Dysentry Definition, Dysentry Symptoms

Definition of Dysentery is an local infectious disease of the intestinal wall, especially on the area colon and partly of ileum or small intestine in part of the mucosa that caused by the bacteria of Shigella dysenteriae. The Causes of Dysentery is bacteria of Shigella dysenteriae

To describe dysentry definition , here are the complete explanation

How is dysentry come and the pathogenesis
Local infection of the intestinal wall, especially the colon and partially ileum . After damage, in intestinal mucosa has formed ulcers with signs and symptom of inflammation around there.

The Clinical dysentry symptoms

The incubation period varies from a few hours to 8 days. The body of child is weak and then the fever. Diarrhea containing mucus and blood. Tenesmus ( pain in the anus during defecation). When the disease is more severe will be accompanied with septicemia that is high fever with decreased of consciousnes.

Diagnosis of Dysentry
  • Diarrhea is a clinical symptoms of dysentry
  • The presence of dysentery bacilli or germs in the stool in laboratory tests is a proof for dysentry diagnosis
Dysentry Teatment
  • If child in a state of dehydration given intravenous fluids .
  • Receipt from Doctor usually giving an Chemotherapy with sulfa preparations dose of 100-200 mg / kg / day
  • Antibiotics : Chloramphenicol 50-100 mg / kg / day, 3 doses / os , Tetracycline 30-50 mg / kg / day for 4 doses / os , neomycin 50-100 mg / kg  / day for 4 doses / os
Complications of dysentry : Bronchopneumonia, otitis media, pyelonephritis, encephalitis and arthritis .

Dysentry precaution
  • Eating with clean
  • Enhance immune system 
  • Keeping the environment clean
  • Preventing the spread of
  • Nursing actions to prevent of complications .
  • Give an adequate rest
Preventing from infection and spread of dysentry by covering food, defecate in the toilet, feeding easily digestible, soft shapes and low in fiber, if body temperature is high giving ice compress, provide counseling to the families of both individual and environmental about hygiene sanitation

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