Causes of Suicide, Prevention & Treatment

Suicide itself is meaning killing. So in this suicide is the ultimate act is aiming deliberately to end his life . What the causes of suicide ? There some type of suicide that can lead to causes of suicide. That is :
  • Personality type, this can be caused by the traditions from pressure on of the community.
  • Custom type (conventional ), is due to customs or traditions of the local area where the suicide occurred .cause
The causes of Suicide

Suicide can be caused by the unwillingness of self, loneliness, solitude . It's hard to acceptable the fact that there is . Feelings give up or despair, feeling continuously haunt, abject feeling that can not be restored, depending feelings. There are process of identifying that obstacles . Childhood are too spoiled and was never given the responsibility .

Suicide Prevention

Prevention of a general nature. The central issue in prevention is to combat " angry " or other psychiatric conditions that can succeed against the libido when suddenly fully support the actions that do not take into calculation such a risk .

According to Freud, the best action is to increase awareness that then can become self-concept of ability ( ego ) and will automatically become a fortress " Emergence " for the death instincts or impulses to kill themselves or suicide action. These actions include counseling that are shaping the character and personality that mature, for example, proclaimed religious education as a basis for moral pole .

Nursing actions for suicide action

For people who want to commit suicide and failed in their action, should be taken to the hospital. If there are defects or organic abnormalities seen or not seen to be quickly addressed by experts so that abnormalities or defects organic can be handled

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