How to Print Whatever Display on Your Monitor

This article will describe the most simple way how to print screen your monitor with easy and fast and also can be performed by anyone, any user computer even if you are a new user. This way is How to print screen whatever displayed on monitor by using Windows shortcut keyboard that showed on keyboard as Prnt screen / PrtSc SysRq.

Windows shortcut keyboard that is Print Screen key has function to capture whatever shown on your computer monitor screen that is being displayed and then stored as an image file or other document and you can also print directly to your print.

The way to print screen with windows keyboard shortcut facility is by a few steps. Here is how to print screen and also steps to capture whatever is being displayed on monitor screen.
  • The first step is display on your monitor screen that program or application you want to print screen or capture, and then press windows keyboard shortcut on your keyboard button print screen / PrtSc SysRq.
  • Open mspaint application [called paint] or Microsoft Word or other applications such as CorelDraw , Photoshop, or other programs as a place to attach the catch keyboard shortcut print screen . Once you choose a program that is open, then press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V button simultaneously.
Keyboard shortcut command above will serve to attach the print screen are being displayed on your screen on mspaint application, MS Word or any other application you choose as a place for result of print screen.
  • After the results of print screen that are displayed on monitor screen are attached to image processing applications [ for example mspaint ] or word processing applications [ for example ms word, open office, and others ], you can save the print screen results in to the form of an image file or a Microsoft Word document, and others.
  • The final step is you can print the results of print screen of your monitor screen catches directly by using command CTRL + P on windows keyboard shortcut or via menu File > Print on the main menu of the application where the print screen attached.
That is a little share about step by steps how to print screen whatever displayed on the monitor screen which can be performed by anyone, any user computer, any time you needed..

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