How to Burn ISO file to USB Flash Disk Drive

ISO file is also can be burn into Removable USB Flash disk, DVD R/RW or also Hard disk Drive or others external hard drive. But in this article will describe about how to burn ISO file into USB Flash Disk. There are several advantages that you can get if you burn the ISO file into a Removable USB flash disk. The advantage that you can get from burn ISO file to USB flash disk drive, that is:
  • You can install the operating system from a Removable USB flash disk. This can you do if ISO file that you burn into the removable USB flash disk is ISO file of an operating system is either Windows or Linux operating system that you have purchased legally or ISO file of Windows Recovery CDs for recovering Windows system error. If you has already burn ISO file from the operating system or file an ISO Images Windows Recovery CD into the USB flash disk and you want to install it into the computer or laptop , then make sure that your device and your computer can support booting from a Removable USB flash disk and make the first boot computer from removable USB Flash Disk [ you can set its first boot computer from BIOS settings before your operating system are loaded.
  • Creating a Removable Windows Recovery Flash disk by burn the master file of ISO Images Windows Recovery Disk.
  • The third advantage is that your removable USB flash disk drive will work exactly like the ISO file when burned to a CD or DVD R/RW Drive.
  • A further advantage is you do not need to bother to buy some DVD if you burn iso file more large than 8 GB. Because, now removable USB flash disk drive are available for large-capacity USB flash disk drive up to terra byte capacity.
  • In addition when you have burn ISO file into removable flash disk drive, you can delete multiple files , folders you do not need quickly and easily. In contrast, if you burn it to a CD / DVD R you can’t delete files on CD/DVD R. But, be careful if the ISO File that you burn is the ISO file from an operating system, then you should not delete or erase any files or folders, because if you do this then the chances if you want to install the operating system using the removable usb flash disk drive the installation will be fail because your system files have been deleted.
Below is step by step how to burn ISO images file into Removable USB flash drive drive using UltraISO Software.

UltraISO is an software or program that can handle ISO images both on CD, DVD images format to be burn it into a blank CD or DVD or other device such as removable USB flash drive easily and quickly .

Some devices and tools both software and hardware that you need to prepare first are as follows :
  • ISO images Files.
  • Removable USB flash disk drive. My Recommendation is more larger of removable USB Flash Disk is more better.
  • UltraISO that can be downloaded or purchased from ezbsystems
Step by step to burn ISO image files to the Removable USB flash disk 
  • Choose your ISO image file you want to burn
  • Connect your removable USB Flash disk Drive to computer.
  • Open UltraISO program that you have installed on your computer or laptop .
  • Open the file Iso Image file that you have to prepare to be burned into removable USB flash disk via the menu File > Open. 
  • Once the iso image file are opened, click the main menu Bootable > Write Disk Image ..
  • The final step is select your Removable USB Flash Disk drive over Write disk image windows
  • Press or click Write Button to write ISO image file into Removable Disk Drive.
That is step by step how to burn ISO image file into the removable Usb flash disk drive. You can also use this way to burn ISO image file into Removable hard disk drive or External HDD and others removable device.

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