Woman In Islam about Reveal Beauty

This article will describe about aurat/awrah or genitals from the woman in Islamic religion. According to legal terms Personality ' the part of the body that called aurat/awrah or genitals is prohibited to be seem.

Aurat women for men who are not muhrim is the entire body in islamic religion, except the face and palms . But it remains forbidden for a man to see a woman's face for no reason or purpose. If accidentally meet of vie, then he shall forthwith bow sight, unless there is a specific purpose that is permissible, such as applying for a marriage. Or allowed to look at when doing a sale and purchase agreement, in order to find out who he is . Similarly, it is permissible for a physician looking at a woman's body for medical purposes , and allowed for people who help or rescue from danger .

The awrah woman against another woman, then there are some body parts that should not be disclosed to other women, even to his sister alone, between the navel and the knees .

Thus Islamic rules in arranging the clothing for women in islam. Regarding the daughters of Muslim women who dare to wear skimpy clothes, so the thighs appear invisible or become a spectacle of men in the streets with no one to prohibit and to feel embarrassed, they usually say that it does a fashion. Though the problem is particularly reprehensible and forbidden in Islam violently.

You know, from where the clothing fashions come from? If you want to know, these modes comes from west country. They make these garments modes driven by curiosity because popularize merchandise, even should contrary to moral norms and laws. And they were not concerned with the consequences suffered because they are only concerned with the production and producer.

Is it after everything is clear, we are still willing to follow their will and leave the religious instruction that ensures happiness to us, both in this world and in the hereafter .

Now, let us consider the selection of everything that comes from the west. We should emulate the west in some particular thing or constructive , but on condition that does not conflict with the teachings of Islam, and we should throw things against the islamic religion.

Islam forbids revealing women beauty in front of men who are not muhrim or her husband , because the action is a relic of the ignorance that is prohibited and condemned in Islam.

The Word of God : "And do not act like ornate and ignorance people first " . ( Q.S. 33 : 33 ).

Tabarruj , as revealed in the verse was revealed female body parts that could arouse lust of the opposite sex. Islam prohibits this action because of the negative consequences to the human race, which will indirectly create an atmosphere that is suggestive of moral decadence. Or sometimes even women themselves who would be the victim of rape or disturbances man, like many we encounter through a press release .

Prophet forbade women who wear very thin or translucent and show the body shape. He said the majority inhabitants of the hell:

ونساء كاسيات عاريات مائلات مميلات رؤوسهنّ كأسنمة البحت المائلة لا يد خلنّ الجنّة ولا يجد نّ ريحها، وانّ ريحها ليوجد من مسيرة كذاوكذا. رواه المسلم

"Those women who dressed but like naked, flickers her body and bouffant hair, they will not enter Paradise and will not smell heaven, but heaven that can smell wafted from very far distances (Narrated by Muslim) " .

 That meaning of " dressed but like naked " in the hadith, since what is not working properly worn as a cover body. Even still imagine or describe the wearer's body because of the very thin clothing .

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