Haram Things Are Done When Menstruation in Islam

The following article will discuss about things that are Haram or not to do When a woman in menstrual period in islam. The things that should not be done are as follows :
  • Prayers , based on the hadiths of Fatimah bint Abi Hubaisy RA .
  • Reading, took and touched the Quran.
  • Staying in the mosque , which is not just passing .
The proposition shows that just passed in the mosque is not haram : A hadith narrated by Muslim ( 298 ) and others , from ' Aisha RA , he said :

" Get me the mat from the mosque . " Then I said : "I was menstruating . " Then he said : " Verily your menstruation not be in your power. "

Meanwhile by an- Nasa'i ( 1/147 ) of Maimunah RA , he said :

One of us ( wives of the Prophet ) took a prayer rug in a mosque, then spread them in a state of menstruation .

Al - Khumrah : prayer rug or mat that is held by someone to pray or prostrate .
  • Thawaf , about the haram of tawaf is indicated by a hadith narrated by al - Bukhaari ( 290 ) and Muslim ( 1211 ) , from ' Aisha RA , he said :
Once we came out, we were not thinking besides Hajj. When we got to the Saraf- a place in Mecca, so I'm having menstrual periods. Then the Prophet met me , I 'm crying . He asked : " Why did you ? Are you having periods ? 'I replied : " Yes . " He said : " indeed This is the case that God has built over the daughters of Adam. Then, deliver it everything is done by people who are on hajj, besides tawaf around the Kaaba" And according to another narration : " until you holy . "

Fa'qdhi : do the rituals, as did the others who are on pilgrimage or hajj.

In addition of the things mentioned above, there are also other things that can not be done or haram performed by women who are menstruating, that is :
  • Through the mosque, when to worry about a mess . Because blood was unclean, while fouled a mosque with unclean or other impurities are forbidden . However , if felt sure would not pollute the mosque, then it may as well a woman pass the mosque, as you know.
  • Fasting, thus, women who are have menstruation should not be fasting either fard and sunnah. As for their argument, is a hadith narrated by al - Bukhaari ( 298 ) and Muslim ( 80 ) , from Abi Sa'eed RA :
That the Prophet SAW said about women when asked about the meaning of religious shortcomings : " Is not the woman when menstruating, then she did not pray or fast?"
And it's certainly been a scholarly consensus of the scholars.

Women who are have menstrual period obligatory to qadha the fard of fasting that has passed, after he was a saint, but are not obliged to make up or qadha his prayer. So, if she has the sacred -that has stopped menstrual - then he should fast, even if she not yet had time to shower.

Al-Bukhaari (215) and Muslim (335)-and the wording of this hadith has been narrated by Muslim from Mu'adzah, he said:

I was asked ' Aisha RA, I say : " Why is the woman who are menstruation it mandatory to make up orqadha his fast, his prayer was not? " He said to him : " It 's never experienced during the life of the Prophet Muhammad. However, we were only told to make up the ' fasting, and not told to make up the prayer. "

Perhaps the silver lining is that it's a lot of prayer, so that it will be difficult if the need qadha ' , the other as fast.
  • Sexual ntercourse, have fun and touching at the part of the body between nevel and the knee, because Allah the Exalted says :
.............. therefore, be ye keep away from women in time of menstruation, and do not approach them, before they are holy. If they have the Holy, So hold intercourse with them was in a place that God commanded thee. Indeed, Allah loves those who repent and loves those who purify themselves. ( Surah al - Baqarah : 222 ) .

Referred to keep away from women , is not to copulate with them. And Abu Dawood ( 212 ) has also narrated from Abdullah bin Sa'd RA :

That Abdullah once asked to the Prophet: What should I do about my wife at a time when she is menstruating? " The Prophet replied : " You may do anything on the cloth . "

Al - izar : cloth covering the center of body down to the middle, which is generally between the nevel to the knee .

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