About Repent Definition and How to Get Repentance?

What is repentance? About repent definition is talking about the essence of repentance according to language is derived from the Arabic word that repentance means back, and repentance also has the meaning of, return anyway. That was back from something reprehensible in the law and leads to something that is commendable in the Shari'ah.

Meanwhile, according to the scholars of reconciliation that the law is mandatory, and those who cling to the principles of the Sunnah experts say, that repentance can be accepted then required to fulfill three main requirements include:
  • Regret over all offenses ever done.
  • Leave a slippery road (apostasy) at the time of reconciliation or repent.
  • Determined to not repeat all that similar violations.
The verses of the Qur'an or hadith the Prophet Muhammad. has many explain an obligation about repentance, as Allah says:

"And ye repent to God, O believers that you prosper". (Surat an-Nur: 31).

Definitively the meaning and definition of repentance is one that is impossible to be truly sorry for those still fulfill the sin or sins are like, because that regret is a major requirement to repent.

While the arguments of the hadith of the Prophet which means: "One who repent of sin as those who have no sin, and if God loves a servant, sin certainly will not harm". (Narrated by Ibn Mas'ud and issued by Majjah).

Repentance or repent was having a because as the background of problem, rules and also division, while the first process that has been started repentance it is: waking hearts from our self-forgetfulness and turning ability to see something in him which is essentially a part of a bad situation.

Path to salvation and headed down the right path in order to cease from sin, and will return to God. That is called repentance. So within one's conscience has arisen a desire to repent, if a person with a heart has been thinking about the ugliness of his behavior will also see the negative realities in it.

And preparation of the causes which led him to repentance, if a determination had to break away from all the bad behavior, thus Allah up to him with a splash of light constancy.

So in the realization of this kind, then that becomes the first step is to leave his bad friends temperament, or in other words are moved (hijrah), if not then he would take her to the rejection of the original purpose and would disrupt concentration and shouldered himself.

Such efforts will not be reached by road is smooth or perfect, except honor continuously musyahadah (testimony and confession of his sins) so as to make his passion for repentance is always increasing and they motivations is also able to further refine the inner urge repentance in embroidery actions in the form of fear and hope

In this respect the Prophet. once said, the meaning is as follows:

From Abu Hamzah, Anas bin Malik Al-Ansari Prophet housekeeper, he said, the Messenger of Allah. word: "It is God's very happy to see repentance of his servants, excitement exceed one among you who suddenly finds his camel back which has lost because left him in the wilderness". (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).

From the hadith above, we can take a conclusion that is: Every believer should be willing to conduct research on his own, then forgiveness to God for any mistakes.
  • Every believer is obliged to repent and leave all the reprehensible nature in order to get to the commendable nature, and of adulterous toward obedience to God with fear of Allah SWT.
  • Forgiveness and repentance, it must be done in a earnestly way so that his soul to be clean of sin which is not known and so fast to get a grace and mercy of Allah and can add feelings to obey and worship only to Allah alone.
  • Repent it should be with a sincere heart, should not be playing around.
  • Freeing the rights of other people who've be disturbed is by way of returned items that have been stolen or perhaps apologize to those who have been concerned without without mention of some form will be required iniquity, if the problem is very dangerous, for example, adultery and other problems.
A person can be said to be the perpetrator of reconciliation or repent, if the people repent for fear of the punishment of Allah SWT. And can be regarded as a penitential actors who reach the level Inabah if one of the actors of repentance was expecting a reward.

Meanwhile, repentance people who are motivated by a penitential attitude of caution and thoroughness of his heart, not because they expect a reward or fear of punishment from God, then that person is said to be an owner Aubah.

However Inabah is a trait of the guardians of God or the people close to God as completely consistent with the word of Allah which means it is as follows:
"(Namely) those who fear God, Most Gracious, being He does not seem (to him) and he came with a heart of repentance". (Surah Qaf: 33).

The Aubah it is the property of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, according to the word of Allah. : "He (Noah's.) The best of servants. Indeed he is very obedient to his Lord)". (Surah Saad: 44).

Imam Junaid has said that repentance has three meanings that is, first: regret, is the determination to leave (not back) to what has been forbidden by Allah SWT. While the third is trying to fulfill the rights of those who have been persecuted by them.

Nun al-Misri was once asked by someone about repentance, then he answers: "Repent od layman's because of sin, but repentance that special person who will not forget". Greeting the above has been confirmed again by An-Nuri: "Repentance is a process of implementing it repentance and willing to anything other than Allah".

Al Wasithi said: "It will leave a mark disobedience on the owners of which are vague or unclear nature", that is Taubatan Nashuhah.

Therefore, not all of repentance has the same level of repentance, repentance layman's not the same as repentance special person, another person also repentance was also different with repentance liar.
The liars repentance that only happens at the surface of the mouth only, meaning that they perform repent merely pronounce the sentence Istighfar for forgiveness to God, that's the explanation from a group of Shufi scholars.

Adam. axle. Has been given a revelation by God. : "Hi Adam, God said: You have to pass down to your children the exhaustion and trials, but I (Allah) to pass down to their repentance, whoever among those who pray to Me, surely I am greeted like to welcome Adam, Hi Adam, I gather those who repent from their graves in a state of joy and laughter to me, Benediction them come true ".

Whoever has approached the derail, then it is already apparent fault of his own and for the receipt was still doubtful. Moreover, the terms and rights that they are entitled to the love of Al-Haaq - Allah.

Subject needs to be someone they repented and must continually destroying the form of immorality with Istighfar also accompanied liberation from sin, if it's someone who has done so immoral in its properties discovered a sign of his love to God. the higher the away

It has been said an expert of shufi that actually fear it will remind us of death, and therefore very proper at all if Allah SWT. Said as following that means: "Say, if you love Allah then follow (the Prophet), then Allah will love you". (Surah Ali-Imran: 31).

Reproduce or continuous reading Istighfar sentence is included among the repentance rite of passage Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet said that the meaning is as follows:

'He covered my heart, then I beg forgiveness to Allah seventy times a day ".

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