Meaning and Define Piety or taqwa in Islam

Meaning and Define Piety or taqwa or taqwa is derived from the word " Piety or taqwa " that meaning is taking action to maintain self preservation and also of something disturbing and ugliness. Definition of Piety or taqwa by Personality ' " Define Piety or taqwa " that means keeping and maintaining themselves from the punishment and wrath of God by way of carrying out His commands and stay away from all his prohibitions , away from all the disobedience and obedience to Allah SWT .

As the word of God in Al-Qur'an about define Piety or taqwa Meaning :

" Those are the most noble among you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous [Piety or taqwa]."
Prophet. was asked by someone : "O Messenger of Allah . whose family was Muhammad ? .

The Messenger of Allah , answered : " Those who fear Allah SWT . , And Piety or taqwa that is a collection of good deeds , while the essence is always obedient to Allah SWT . So aware and avoid punishment.

Piety or taqwa that was to fortify themselves from the punishment of Allah SWT . with obey to God, ( in the opinion of the experts Tashawwuf ) , whereas in the opinion of the Fuqaha ( jurists ) that Piety or taqwa means that keeping away from anything that can involve themselves to sin .
As for the opinion of Abdullah Ibn `Abbas . explained that it is the righteous or people that has Piety or taqwa is :
  • Someone was always careful in words and actions so as not to get a wrath and lust punishment from God's also leave a boost .
  • Someone was always expecting a grace from God by way of believing and also carry all the teachings that Allah has revealed .
Taqwa is the capital of the preparation while the patient is a one of the good deeds , and there is no one of the arguments are true except the Messenger of Allah , therefore no one can help except Allah SWT . ( in the opinion of Sahl bin Abdullah ).
In order to human that have the righteous or Piety or taqwa so the hereafter created, while on order to human receives the trials then created the world , that's the opinion of Al - Kattani . Someone may say perfect Piety or taqwa if the person is able to keep himself from sin despite weighing as small as a mustard seed or even atoms , and leave something that is not kosher for fear of slipping on the things that the wrath of God and sin, would thus form a fortress sturdy reminder once in between him and something that resulted in sin and deeds that wrath by Allah SWT . , that is the sense of Piety or taqwa, in the opinion of Abu Darda .

Musa bin A'yun opinion explains that piety or taqwa means ridding yourself of a variety of Subhat , for fear of falling into the same thing so from the some opinion above can be concluded about the characteristics of those who fear, piety or taqwa to Allah, are : except for the guidance of God , then everything should be abandoned . Anything that can keep away from Allah SWT . , It should be abandoned .

Oppose lust and abandon all your soul's desire .

Implement and maintain the way of life according to Islamic law in all speech and also act to must be follow and imitate the guidance of the Prophet.

There are several meanings of the word " Piety or taqwa " which has been described by the Qur'an , which are as follows :

As in the word of Allah . meaning of Piety or taqwa has the meaning of " Repentance " , ie, in the letter of Ali Imran verse 102 means :

O ye who believe! fear Allah As He should be feared, and die not except In a state of Islam [Qs.ALi imran 102].

Piety or taqwa means " Net hearts of sin " , the word of Allah SWT . : it is such As obey Allah and His Messenger, and fear Allah and do right, that will win (in the end),. ( an - Nur : 52 ) .

Of the three arguments mentioned above, it is intended by figures Shufi is the last one, so they take a conclusion that piety or taqwa is maintaining hearts of many sins , which allows to happen because of a strong desire to leave , then so people will preserved from all evil .

Except only to Allah SWT . , Then told all any , a servant will not fear , that is what is meant of Piety or taqwa according to Abadzi Nasr . In addition, it also explains one more thing : "that someone who is always piety or taqwa , then he will feel once objected to leaving the afterlife " as the word of God as follows :

Meaning : " what is the life of This world but play and amusement? but best is the home In the Hereafter, for those who are Righteous. will ye not then understand?( Surat al - An'am : 32 ) .

" Anyone who has always wanted to be true Piety or taqwa , then he must leave all sin " . ( Sahal opinion ) .

For anyone who is able to realize Piety or taqwa, God will allow him to turn away from the luxury world, according to most of the scholars ' .

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