Using Pivot Table For Simple Statistic

At The microsoft Office excel there are a lot of tools, including tools on the insert tab that is pivot table. What is the function of the pivot table ? Speaking about the facilities available in the pivot table on the microsoft office excel, is a tool or device that can be used to create descriptive statistics , reports or summarize information, analyzed the data in a table on microsoft excel table so that you can obtain data in the form of descriptive statistics or information based on category names fit your data in the table to provide information and reports for management decision making .

An example you can make statistics and classifying the data and automatically add them together in large numbers of data with easy and fast without using formulas. For Example amount of data by gender, by age, by address, by name, and you can quickly search for specific data based on certain variables .

How do I create a pivot table .
Some of the steps you have to do is :
  • First of all you need to prepare is a Microsoft Excel table that contains the data you want to analysis, concise, create statistics . Or you can also analyze the data from the table that you created in Microsoft Access.
  • Make sure you have entered all the data correctly and valid . Because the data you enter after the pivot table is created , then the new data will not be included in the calculation or summarize.
Once everything is ready, the next step is :
  • Block all the data that you want to create a pivot table, including the name of the label or field name
  • Click the Insert tab on the toolbar menu microsoft excel and then choose PivotTable on the far left side.
  • Then a window will appear as below :
  • If you have selected a particular data and variables by block, then the window will automatically appear the range of data to be analysis ot summarize. counting , but if you use other data that has been stored in a Microsoft Access table or you can choose the data by clicking on the tabs use an external data source.
  • Choose where you want to save pivot tables by clicking below options as you like.
  • If you have, then you just click OK
  • Then it will show up, pivot table window as shown below :
  • There are two windows, the right and left . Window on the right is the window to make combination settings or data statistics report to generate. While the left side is a table to display the Layout setting.
  • In the upper right panel , there are several categories that you can select and insert at the bottom of the right panel consisting of 4 box area, from each of the boxes we can add fields or categories contained in the list field that have you selected before on the first step.
You can customize the look or layout of the results by entering the fields or categories with drag and drop into the 4 box on the bottom right side. Each column is a brief function
  • Report Filter : in this box category or field will be used as a filter that affects the results of the data in a PivotTable , but will not be seen as the contents of a PivotTable itself.
  • Row Labels : data from the field will be placed on the row of the table with the appropriate level of sequence arrangement in this area .
  • Column Labels : data from the field will be placed in the column of the table with the appropriate level of sequence arrangement in this area .
  • Values ​​: field value contained in this box will be used as the basis for calculating summary . Type of summary that can be used is count , sum , average , etc. .
For more details, take a look at the following example of the results of the pivot table .

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