Change Computer Name Windows 7, 8, Vista, XP

Change computer name is sometimes necessary for certain purposes either in windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, Xp. To change computer name you can do yourself with the easy way so that you do not need to pay . The purpose of changing the name of the computer may be different, but basically change computer name generally for equating the name of a computer on a network to be the same computer name and easy to identify and access the computers in a network . Sometimes there is also a wish to change the computer name them according to their tastes and desires which previous name does not match or fit .

How to change computer name easily?

The following are step by step to change computer name on windows operating system either Windows Xp , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , and the Windows 8 operating system .

The steps are as follows :
  • Open your desktop or Windows Explorer, from your desktop Find icon My Computer or Computer. If from Windows Explorer, find on the left side of Windows Explorer, Search and find that says My computer or Computer
  • Right click on the My Computer or Computer > Properties
  • Will Appears Windows Properties of My Computer / Computer 
Display Properties of My Computer on Windows XP like shown on below picture :
Display Properties My Computer / Computer on Windows Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8, like shown on below picture
  • To change computer name on Windows XP , on the Computer Properties window select the Computer Name on the tab menu
  • To change the computer name in windows vista , windows 7 and Windows 8 , look on the right side of the properties window and then look for writing Computer Name , Domain ........... then click the link that says Change Settings
  • In step three and four will pop up a window to change computer name as shown in the image below :

  • In the Computer Description column you can change this and change the name of your computer according to your needs and desires.
  • The last step click OK
So how to change computer name is easily , quickly at no cost or for free . See our video how to change computer name on windows 7, 8, vista, xp

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