Main Menu Functions of Microsoft Office Word 2007

On this article will be displayed the main menu of Microsoft Office Word 2007 image along with the existing buttons on the main menu of Microsoft Office Word 2007 as well as the main function of each of the main menu buttons. 

Main Menu of Microsoft Office Word 2007 picture

As seen in the picture of the main menu in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Main Menu button located on the far left corner of the window in Microsoft Word 2007 that contained the following buttons: New, Open, Save, Save As, Print, Prepare, Send, Publish, Close. Each of these buttons have different functions. 

What is the function of each of the key? 

Function of each of the buttons in the main menu of Microsoft Word 2007 is as follows: 
  • New button have function Create new files or work documents. 
  • Open button to open files or Microsoft Word documents that have been made ​​previously. 
  • Save button is used to store files or documents created. 
  • Save As button have function to save the file by giving a new name or rename a document file before. 
  • Print button is used to print the file or document is created. 
  • Prepare button is useful to prepare a document that is opened for distribution. 
  • Send button is used to send a file or document being opened by using e-mail or fax using internet facility. 
  • Function of Publish button to publish or open documents published on a Web site blog (Note: using the internet connection. 
  • Close button function Closing the currently open documents. 
Such is a brief description of the functions of the main keys in Microsoft Word 2007.