How To Easy Know Of Motherboard Type

In a computer both a desktop computer or a notebook or laptop computer consists of various hardware. The main components that are part of both the desktop and laptop computer is a motherboard or mainboard. 

When we buy a computer or laptop of course, we will get one (1) piece Driver CD that contains the hardware drivers from the motherboard or laptop computer that we bought it. With CD Driver of the Motherboard is we do not have trouble looking for drivers for installing any hardware on the motherboard. 

However, if the CD driver lost and our computers were damaged on windows operating system in particular we will trouble in installing the driver motherboard of a computer. It is because for several reasons: 
  • Forgot type of motherboard used. 
  • Have to open the computer case or laptop to know the type of motherboard. 
  • Search for and download drivers with driver risk does not match the type and model of motherboard. 
To overcome some of the above difficulties, the following is a software that can and lets us know the type and model of the motherboard and other hardware used computer or laptop with ease and without having trouble to opening the computer case or laptop This application is called CPU-Z.
This Software application or program will help computer users or technicians in the know with certainty the type of motherboard and other devices on the motherboard used. So that if we or a technician lose the CD Driver Motherboard then we will be able to find out easily the type, model of motherboard for sure without opening the computer case. 
This application has advantages such as: 
  • Knowing the type, and model of motherboard. 
  • Without having to open the case of computer or laptop.
  • More accurately determine the type of motherboard in your computer or laptop 
  • Save time and money because without opening the computer case and can download the appropriate driver. 
Here is a demonstration of the use CPU-Z to determine the type, model of motherboard and other hardware on a computer / laptop. 
  • Download and install CPU-Z software
  • Run program of CPU-Z, then the program will automatically display some information related to the Hardware including motherboard or other hardware on the motherboard of the computer or laptop as seen in the picture below 
On the application CPU-Z version 1.62.0 which was launched in October 2012 will display information from the hardware on the motherboard which include: 
  • The type and CPU type / Processors used include the type of socket 
  • Caches Motherboard 
  • Type and model Motherboard d. Type, model and capacity Computer RAM 
  • Speed Clocks of Computer 
  • Graphics adapter types and models used
CPU-Z application very helpful to me in easy to recognize motherboard and other hardware on the motherboard of laptop or computer making it easier for me to locate and download the appropriate drivers are needed when CD Driver comes from a computer or laptop is lost. How about you?

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