Epson Stylus Photo R230x Can Not Printing

Epson stylus Photo R230x is one printer with print quality or printing results are good and suitable for printing documents containing pictures or Photo. You could say the type of printer Epson Stylus Photo R230x is a specialist printer to print a photo or image in accordance with the existing word on the name of the printer itself.

The result of printing may be a good one because the printer Epson Stylus Photo R230x has 6 colors at the cardtridge. 6 color printing cause results to be better like the original color.

6 colors for printer cardtridge Epson Stylus Photo R230x namely:
  • Ink Black Ink Cartridge (T049190) 
  • Cyan Ink Cartridge Ink (T049290)
  • Magenta Ink Cartridge Ink (T049390)
  • Yellow Ink Cartridge (T049490)
  • Light Cyan Ink Cartridge Ink (T049590) 
  • Light Magenta Ink Cartridge Ink (T049690)

Once our printer Epson Stylus Photo R230x that exist in the office were damaged or printer problems where there are signs the two (2) indicator lights are located adjacent to the Printer Power indicator light turns red with flames and flashing or blinking and the printer does not perform printing and printer cardtridge not move altogether. What exactly happened and how to solve it?

What happens is the ink counters have problems or waste ink pad counter. To fix and solve these problems, the steps taken include:
Make sure your computer has installed driver correctly. If you have not installed driver epson stylus photo R230x, then you should download the printer driver on your computer then install the driver.

Connect usb cable epson printer photo sylus R230x and turn on the printer.

Download and install the application programs named SSC Service Utility. This application is an application aids in case of some problems in certain types of printers that can be solve by using the SSC Service Utility application program could also serve to reset if a problem occurs in the waste ink pad counter Epson Stylus Photo R230x.

After you install the application or program SSC Service Utility, open the program and the application window will appear as shown in the image below:
Click on the Configuration menu to set the type or model of printer ink will be reset on the counter. Pick on the Installed Printers: Epson Stylus Photo R230 Series. Then in Printer Model select by clicking on the arrows and select the printer Epson Stylus Photo R230x.After finishing the settings, close the SSC Service Utility application and let the program run on Try Icon.Access SSC Service Utility Application from Try Icon and right-click the it on Try icon Program, and then select the menu and then select Reset Protection Counter Counter Protection. For more details, take a look at the following picture:

Once you choose and click Reset Protection Counter will display a window asking if you would replace the Waste ink pad? See the picture below.
Choose and press Yes ... and in the second one it will pop up a window containing a message that has been in the waste Counter Reset. Looks like the image below the picture above shows that the waste ink pad counter was resetted on the printer.
After you click OK on the image waste Counter resetted, immediately turn off your printer and turn it on again. The printer is back to normal and you can use it to printing.

 This can be perform for reset Epson Stylus Photo R230x

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