How to Scan Photo Using Epson Stylus TX121x

Here is a little sharing of printers use Epson Stylus TX121x to be operated to perform the scan / scanning documents / photos / images to be stored into a computer or other storage media in the form of images. So this picture you will be able to send via Internet or to save it to your other interests. 

Here are the step by step how to scan / scanning images / photos / other documents using Epson Stylus TX121x Printer: 
  • First you must install the printer driver Epson Stylus TX121x on your computer
  • Open the Printer Cover and Insert an Photo or document you want to scan / Scanning to the Epson Stylus  TX121x Scan
  • Run the scan application program ... by: ... Start Program ..... ..... .... Epson Epson Scan ... Epson Scan ... (see picture)
  •  Epson Scan program appear 
NB: Before scanning, if necessary you can make arrangements in accordance with your wishes to:

Setup Mode 
Menu / Customize button ..
  • Once the setup is configuration or do without doing any settings ... Click on the Scan button on the Epson Scan menu 
  • The process of scanning appears as shown in the picture

  • Once the scanning process is complete ....... Windows Explorer will appear where the results of scanning i saved to the default directory......
NB: A default storage place results from scanning images/photos/documents by Epson Stylus TX121x ia located in the My Pictures directory. You can turn it into a directory that you like through menus on the Epson Scan window ... select Customize ...... and then select File Save Settings ...... .

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