How to Share Your Evdoo Modem Connection?

Development of Information technology is very rapidly in every second, both hardware and software. In terms of hardware is one of them for example about internet network devices. One of the major components of the network is a device that connects computers to the internet is a modem. There are many types of modem to connect your computer to the Internet (a worldwide computer network), but this time we discussed is about USB modem that uses mobile phone card (SIM card). 

The USB Modem is relatively small so that it can carry wherever you go. By simply inserting a sim card phone number on the USB Modem which is connected to the usb port of the computer, you can connect to the internet to perform activities like surfing / browsing, downloading, chatting, emailing, online teleconference, and other internet activities. 

Continue on the main theme as on the title above, this article will discuss on How to Share Your Evdoo Modem Connection to be used for two computers that can be connected to the internet by using one modem together. The Modem that we use on this occasion is a  USB modem from EVDOO 800/1900MHz with a SIM Card (phone card) from Smart provider.

The First, we have to prepare some of the tools you need to share your Internet connection by using a USB modem EVDOO 800/1900MHz for 2 computers so two computers it can be connecting to the internet for access the internet activities such as surfing / browsing, downloading, chatting, emailing, teleconference online, and other internet activities

Some of the equipment you need is 
  • USB Modem EVDOO 800/1900MHz  
  • Smart card is still active
  • 2 pieces of computer
  • Cables for local area network (LAN cable) with Straight cable type setting 
Steps to share internet with the USB modem network 800/1900MHz EVDOO are as follows: 
  • Turn on your two computers, and connect the computer with a LAN cable that you have prepared 
  • Plug the usb modem with smart cards on one computer / laptop and install the modem driver
  • Unplug and reinsert the USB Modem
  • Program window appears USB EVDO Modem 
  • On the menu select Connect Point card provider you use (For smart card then select: Smart ........... then click Connect (see picture)
  • If you are connected to the Internet, the next step is to set the internet connection with modem you are using can be used for other computers that are connected to a computer that is attached USB EVDO Modem with LAN cable. See the following steps: 
If you are using Windows XP, follow the steps below 
  • Open the Control panel on the computer that USB modem has been installed
  • Select and Doble click on the Network Connection 
  • Select and Right Click on the EVDO ....... select Properties, will appear as shown below: 

  • In the Menu Properties Evdoo Modem ..... select the Advanced Tab Menu ...... look at the sub-menu Internet Connection Sharing, check / check in the Allow other users to connect through this computers internet connection. More details see in the picture below: 

    • Nb: click ok on the pop up window that appears in the above procedure (as shown in the figure above) 
      The process of sharing internet connection with EVDOO modem are finished do not forget to set or setting TCP / IP on the other computer (without modem) and is connected to the computer via a network cable. For more details see the description and the following picture: 
      • Go to the Control Panel select Internet Connection ...... .............. ..... select Local Area Connection Right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties ..... ( see picture below) 
      • Appears the window Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) Properties ... Choose as shown in the picture below ....... click OK 
      Done, Please try to make browsing, chat or other Internet activities of the two computer 
      If you are using windows 7 
      • Open the Control Panel select Network and Internet ........ .... select Network and Sharing Center select Change Adapter Settings ....... ............ select EVDO. EVDOO ...... Right Click and select the properties (See picture on the steps above) 


    • Properties on the EVDO menu ........ ............ Select Sharing Menu Check mark the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection .... then follow the next steps as shown. 
    • NB: Click OK if a pop up window appears and the last step click OK ..... 
      Select Local Area Connection, do not forget to set or setting TCP / IP on the other computer (without modem) and is connected to the computer via a network cable (such as Setting the example above. 

      Please browse the two computers. If there are criticisms and suggestions or experiences related to the above, please share your comments and suggestions in the comments field below. 
      Thank you

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