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In connection with the use of a program or software to an individual or office needs for data backup, make a data disc, copy cd to cd, create audio CDs, DVD Audio, video cd, DVD Video, all of the people will be glad when the software they used can be accessed quickly, express, easy, useful and quality. 

Recommendation Software that you can use to handle above issue is known as burning software. Cyberlink Power2Go is a burning software that can be accessed quickly, express, easy, with drag and drop files with the features and facility of the Power2Go Express that looks like the image below. 
  1. Create Data Disc
  2. Make/Create Audio/MP3 CD
  3. Make/Create Video CD/DVD
  4. copy Disc to another Disc
Power2Go Express
  Power2Go offered to you best speed, convenience, express, with one or two clicks you can: 
  1. Create data disc to backup data to CD / DVD 
  2. Create Audio CD
  3. Create VCD / DVD (Video CD / DVD)
  4. Copy CD disc content to another disc (CD / DVD content) 
Step by step using Power2Go is as follows: 

Run Power2Go or Power2Go Express application (Power2Go Express always start at the first time after windows OS start)
Adding files by: 
  • Drag and drop any files you want to burn into CD / DVD blank 
  • Right click on the main menu of Power2Go and choose: Add / Remove Content 
After input/adding any files Including: 
  • Data files 
  • Audio files
  • Video files 
  • Input from another disc to disc copy content to other disc 
Burn files by two way: 
  • Right click on the main window of Power2Go Express
  • Click Burn on the Power2Go menu 
There is step by step how to use Power2Go Express to make a backup of data, making data discs, create audio CD, VCD / DVD movies or copy CD to CD or DVD to another DVD (copy entire disc to another disc. 
 If you have experience or things similar to the above things, please give your feedback or comment on a post comment below. 
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