Your RAM is Dead or damaged?

One day, somebody come to me by bringing an computer that has some problem with computer specification below:

1.       RAM : P0-2DDR800 (DDR 2 PC800 2GB) Life time warranty.

2.       Mainboard/Motherboard: J-MI5G41SGM-D2L;

3.       Processore : E5400;

4.       Hard Disk : HD-250GSATAH

5.       ODD : SS-DVDRW22XX

6.       OS : GJC-00255

7.       NIC : AL-PCWLAN

8.       VGA : Integrated

The symptom and sign problem of the computer is when the power button turn in on, the power supply unit (PSU) has shown that the computer will turn it on, but the power has gone just in a few second. And then in a second, the power is up again by itself without pressing power button and then power has gone again in a few second. And in a second power up again by itself and again without pressing power button.

That is happened repeatedly continuous and even without pressing power button on computer, but just only press once. The symptoms is power up, in a second down, up again, down again in a few second. and the computer not yet and can not booting up on the BIOS. And the question is what is the problem of these computer?

First, i try to check the power supply unit by removing the old PSU and reinstalling the new Power supply unit on the computer and computer show like before that it power up and then down in a fiew second, power up again and down again repeatedly. The conclusion in the first step is nothing problem with the old of PSU computer. So, i decide to remove the new PSU and reinstalling the old of PSU to the mainboard/Motherboard.

The second step, i try to remove all hardware that connected with the Motherboard/mainboard of computer, but only RAM that still installed on the mainboard and turn on the power button, and the result is the power computer still up and down in a few second.

Next step to check and identifying the problem of these computer is by removing all device that connected to the mainboard including removing RAM from the mainboard, and the result is power computer is up and never sign if PSU is down, and of course there are an Beep sound that has shown if the RAM not properly installed.

I try to change and reinstalling a New RAM to the mainboard and then and still removing all hardware that conneceted, and the result is power computer is up and never sign if the PSU is down and mainboard has booting up to the BIOS normally. And then, reinstalling all device and hardware and computer still working properly.

So, with some experiment above, we can made a decision of the problem on that computer is broken, damaged and dead of the RAM. To fix and solve these problem is by reinstalling a new RAM on your computer and your computer will working normally.

If you have some experience something or computer problems like this, please share your problem, opinion or solutions by post on this comment column below. Hopefully usefull. best regard.

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