Rip Audio CD to USB Flash Disk or Hard Disk Drive

Audio CD can be easily created with the guidance of the article with tittle How to make MP3 CD. However, Audio CD/MP3 CD is created using Compact Disk media that is relatively large so that the less tasty, convenient and safe to carry it around so that the Audio CD you will be easily damaged by friction affected by objects or other items. 

To solve the above problems, so you can bring your Audio CD anywhere in comfort is to do a Rip CDs to the USB Flash Disk Drive or Hard disk in your computer or laptop. The following are tips and steps to Rip a CD to a USB Flash Disk or Hard Disk Drive with simple easy and fast. 

Before to do Rip CDs to USB FDD or Local folder in HDD device, some device that you need to prepare, including: 
  1. CD-ROM or DVD disc drive. 
  2. Audio CD source of files 
  3. Usb Flash Disk or Local Hard Drive 
  4. CD Ripper Software (Express Rip CD Ripper)

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Why we are use Express Rip CD Ripper software?:
Express Rip CD Ripper Software is small and simple but many-function, that is:

Built in Switch Sound file Converter Software
Support convert from and to another files below :
1) Video files : avi, mpg, wmv, asf
2) Wav files : wav
3) MPEG Layer-3 Files : mp3, mp2, mpga
4) Ogg Vorbis Files : ogg
5) Windows Media Audio Files : wma
6) Apple AIFF Files : aif, aiff, aifc
7) Sun AU Files : au
8) Real Audio Files : ra, ram, rm, rmi
9) FLAC Files : flac
10) AAC Files : aac, m4a
11) ALAC Files : caf
12) GSM Files : gsm
13) Voc Files : voc
14) Dialogic Vox Files : vox
15) Raw Audio Files : raw
16) MIDI Files : mid
17) DS2 Files : ds2
18) DSS Files : dss
19) Dictation Files : dct
20) Record Files : act, rcd, rec
21) Shirten Files : shn
22) AMR Narrowband Audio Files : amr
23) IMS Files : moh
24) Musepack Files : mpc
25) Monkey’s Audio Codec : ape
26) Speex Audio Files : spx
27) WavPack Audio Files : wv
28) Windows Media Video Files : wmv, asf
29) MPEG Video Files : mpg, mpeg
30) Audio Video Interleave Files : avi

Convert all file above to :
1) Aac
2) Aiff
3) Aif
4) Aifc
5) Amr
6) Ape
7) Au
8) Ogg
9) Caf
10) Flac
11) Gsm
12) M3u
13) M4a
14) Mp3
15) Mpc
16) Pls
17) Raw
18) Rss
19) Spx
20) Vox
21) Wma
22) wpl

Built in Express Burn Disc Burning Software
Built in WavePad Sound Editor Master Edition
Perfect quality CD digital audio extraction (ripping)
Quick and Fastest CD Ripper software 
Simple, easy to use interface 
Support Windows 7
And more

Step by step Rip Audio CDs to a USB Flash Disk Drive or Local Hard Disk Drive:
  1. Install and run Express Rip CD Ripper Software, such as the picture below: 
  2. Insert the Audio CD source to a CD, DVD Rom / Writer 
  3. Browse your output directory (USB Flash Disk Drive or Local Hard Disk Drive 
  4. Choose the output format files 
  5. Finally press Rip CD Button 
Screenshoot Express Rip CD Ripper Software :

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