How To Make MP3 CD

MP3 CD or familiar with called MP3 Audio CD is an output or result form burn MP3 into CD. The procedure is just like how to create an MP3 Audio DVD Audio. You can put many much MP3 files into your CD or DVD Blank as you like according to the capacity or CD/DVD blank. If you want to make an MP3 CDs, the amount of MP3 files you can put and burn it into the CD just only up to 700 MB, but if you want to creating and make DVD Audio MP3 File you can put and burn it into your DVD with amount of MP3 files up to 4 GB.

At this momment we will show you how to create and make MP3 CD/DVD. With MP3 CD/MP3 Audio CD, we can make MP3 collecction with CD blank device whatever MP3/Audio file we choose and then play it at CD/DVD player, or others device like CD/DVD on the Laptop/Netbook.

How to make MP3 CD?

Before you can make or creating MP3 CD, you need some tools, device include hadrware or software requirements. Including :
1.       Computer/Laptop/Netbook with Windows Operating System
2.       CD/DVD writer
3.       CD/DVD blank
4.       MP3/Audio file
5.       CD MP3 Burner Software

Step by step making/Burn/creating MP3 CD/MP3 Audio CD:
·         Turn on your computer
·         Put a CD Blank to CD/DVD writer device
·         Install CD MP3 Burner on your computer
·         Run CD MP3 Burner, seem like picture below:

·         Over main menu of CD MP3 Burner :
1.       Adding MP3/WAV files
2.       Delete files
3.       Move Up or
4.       Move Down MP3 to the first, second and next record as you like
5.       Properties: You can add some tag title, artist, year, comment
6.       Convert MP3 to WAV file (Full WAV Converter)
7.       Pause, stop and play MP3 files before Burn into CD
8.       Burn MP3/WAV files into CD
For more detail see the picture below:

·         Finishing creating MP3 CD and Eject CD

That is simple, easy and quick way to create, make, burn MP3/WAV/Audio files into the CD with specific software that is CD MP3 Burner for burn MP3 file into CD Blank.

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