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Video Audio is two word which each other be interconnected, and do not be complete likely if there's only video without audio. Video Audio of according to civilian, video interpreted as peripatetic picture and the audio interpreted as its voice. So, it can be conceived if video without audio or on the contrary audio without video, perhaps cannot represent what want to be submitted in context information or message want to be delivered.

In the following we will pare a little circumstantial about word of video audio in detail and also some hardware, software/aplikasi which can used and become facility to processing, editing video audio according to requirement and your need.

Video is an technology to catch, recording, processing, transmitting and arrange to repeat peripatetic picture. Generally use celluloid film, electronic signal, or the digital media

Going Together " eyesight and hearing” Video application at the multimedia include; cover a lot of application:
  • Entertainment: Broadcast TV, VCR/DVD Recording
  • Interpersonal: video telephony, video conferencing 
  • Interactive: windows 
Digital Video is type of video recording system that laboring used digital system compared to analogue in the case representation of video. Generally the video Digital recorded in tape, later; and then can be distributed through optical disc, for example VCD And DVD 
One of the appliance which can be used to yield digital video is camcorder, what used to record pictures of video and audio, so that a camcorder will be consisted of camera and recorder 
The types of Camcorder for example: 
Toshiba Camileo H30 Full HD Camcorder
mini-DV Camcorder
Sony DV Handycam

The First Camcorder, 1983

Sony Digital8 Handycam
Camcorder consisted by 3 component, that is : 
  1. Lens : to arrange a lot of light, zoom, and speed shutter 
  2. Imager : to conduct light conversion to electronic video signal
  3. Recorder: to write video signal to storage media ( such as magnetic videotape) 
Some advantage of digital video 
  1. Interactive: Digital Video kept in random storage media for example of magnetic/optical disk. While analogous video use repository of sekuensial, the example of magnetic disc/video cassette. Digital video earn to give respon time which quickly in accessing any part from video 
  2. Easy in editing process 
  3. Quality : analogous signal from analogous video will experience of quality degradation slowly caused by influence of atmosphere condition. While the quality of digital video can be derivable by use compression technique 
  4. Transmission and Easy distribution since with compression process, can made the digital video can be storage in the CD, presented on the web, and transmitted through network 
There are some of video format include :

Video Compressed 
- CCIR-601 for broadcast TV.
- MPEG-4 for online video streaming (MPEG-4 Software)
- MPEG-2 for DVD And SVCD
- MPEG-1 for VCD
- Recommended software :  MPEG-4 Software, MPEG-2 , MPEG-1
Analogous / Tapes Video
- Betacam: format for broadcast with highest quality.
- DV and Minidv for camcorder
- Digital8 made by Sony Year 1990-an, able to save video of during 60-90 minute for example Hitachi Digital8 Camcorder
. ASF ( Advanced System Format 
- Producted by Microsoft as standard of audio/video streaming format
- Part Of Windows Media Framework
- This Format do not specify of how video or audio have to be encode, but instead they specify of structure of video/audio stream. It’s means ASF can be encode with any codec
- Earn to play audio/video from streaming of media server, HTTP server, and also local server
- Some example of others ASF format;dissimilar is]WMA And WMV from Microsoft
- It’s Contain metadata such as within reason ID3 at MP3
- ASF has MIME " type of application/" or " video/x-ms-asf
- Recommended .ASF Software
. MOV (Quick Time)

- Made by Apple 
- Characteristically cross platform.
- Widely used for data transmission on the Internet.
- Having a few tracks that consist of auido, video, images, and text so that each track can consist of separate files.
- Recommeneded .MOV Software
. MPEG (Motion Picture Expert Group)
- It is a lossy compressed file.
- MPEG-1 for VCD format with MP3 audio format.
- MPEG-1 consists of several parts:
1. Synchronization and multiplexing of video and audio.
2. Compression codec for non-interlaced video signals.
3. Compression codec for perceptual coding of audio signals. 
- MPEG-1 352x240 beresoluasi.
- MPEG-1 supports only progressive scan video.
- MPEG-2 is used for broadcast, for direct-broadcast satellite and cable tv.
- MPEG-2 supports interlaced format.
- MPEG-2 used in / on the HDTV and DVD video discs.
- MPEG-4 is used for streaming, CD distribution, videophone and broadcast television. 
- MPEG-4 support digital rights management.
- Recommended Software : MPEG-2 Converter, Ultra MPEG-4 Converter
. DivX
- One of the video codec created by DivX Inc..
- Known for its small file size because it uses MPEG-4 Part 2 compression.
- The first Version is 3.11 given the name "DivX ;-)"
- DivX is closed source whereas for the XviD version of open source is capable of running well on Linux.
- Recommended DivX Software
Windows Media Video (WMV)

- Microsoft's codec based on MPEG-4 part 2 
- WMV is a combination of AVI and WMA compressed, can extension wmv, avi, or asf.
- Recommended .WMV Software

The audio in communication system characterized by sound, electrical signals are used to bring an element of sound. The term is also commonly used to describe the system - a system that relates to the process of recording and transmission of the retrieval system or capture the sound, the connection of sound carrier transmission, amplifiers and more. 
The Kinds of Audio 
  1. Audio visual Audio visual device of soundsistem that comes with the image appearance, typically used for presentations, home theater, etc.. 
  2. Audio Streaming Audio streaming is the term are used for listen to broadcast live over the Internet. Unlike the other way, ie to download the file and run it on your computer when the download is complete, with the streaming we can hear the stream directly without need to download the file at once. There are a variety of audio streaming, such as Winamp (mp3), RealAudio (ram) and liquid radio. 
  3. Audio Modem Riser A plug-in card for an Intel motherboard that contains an audio circuit and or modem circuit. AMR contains analog functions (codes) that is used for modem operation and or audio.
Types Digital Audio File 
Any form of audio files has advantages and disadvantages of each. These Audio file format may be modified or convert as needed. Audio file formats vary, including:
. WAV file format is the basic of an audio file format that has the best sound quality, just that this file requires a large storage area. Selection of this format is appropriate where needed good quality of your audio files and has plenty of storage space. This file format support for mono or stereo. 
Some .WAV Software :
Amiga IFF-8SVX (. IFF,. SVX), 8SVX Amiga format is 8-bit mono, this format is generated by the Commodore Amiga computer, this format can also be compressed into a 4-bit Fibonacci delta encoded. 

Apple AIFF (. AIF,. SND), this format is the standard audio format owned by Apple Computer. As of Windows WAV, AIFF support for facilities mono or stereo, 16-bit or 8-bit. 

Dialogic ADPCM (. VOX), Dialogic ADPCM format is commonly found in the phone application. This format can only save mono 16-bit audio, and like other ADPCM format of this file can be compressed up to 4-bits . 

Diamondware Digitized (. DWD), this file is audio format used by peripheral of Diamondware'S Sound, generally this format used by all programmer to yield audio interactive which applicated at games and multimedia. This Format also support mono goodness and also stereo. 

MPEG Layer 3 (. MP3), this represent format of audio file which a lot of enthused by all computer consumer, since beside goodness quality output of this file and also nor need big repository g. Next/Sun      (. AU, . SND), is standard format which can be found at NeXT And Sun Computer

Real Media (. RM), this audio format usually detectable at the internet network. 
Recommended  .RM Software :WAV TO RM Converter,  

Sound Blaster (. VOC), this format of audio file is from Sound Blaster and voice File format from Sound Blaster Pro. This Format only support 8-bit audio, mono till 44.1 KHZ, and the stereo till 22 KHZ.

.PCM Raw Data (. PCM), PCM ( Pulse Code Modulation) is audio format which very simple. This format is standard format file which not yet compress as does file . WAV at Windows Or AIFF at Apple

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