Some Tools or Software For Data Recovery

You may have experienced some problems with a sudden hard drive crash, undetected, formatted, has been partitioned, bad sector, or not known to the system. Though the necessary data are still in the hard disk and not yet in the backups. Here are some of the Tools or software For Data Recovery that might help you restore your lost files or restore your disk if you have a bad sector.

Recuva is a software tool that are Windows-based and user friendly software. When you run Recuva, you can find the missing files with “file-recovery wizard” menu or use the manual application's mode. File-recovery wizard is useful if you are sure your data is gone but you're not enough sure on where the data is loss or how to get it back.

Wizard can be used to narrow down your search for the type of image, music, documents, video, or all files, and you can set the search location on your computer such as on removable media, My Documents, Recycle Bin, or a specific location.

Undelete Plus
Undelete Plus is a software program used for commercial purposes. This file recovery tool works on all versions of Windows and the incarnation of the FAT and NTFS file systems. As Recuva, Undelete Plus offers the possibility to find the recovery files on the damaged file. You can sort files by type, set a filter based on time and the size and can generate a folder structure remains intact when you finish to do file recovery.

TestDisk is a powerful tool to recover your data. Not only can perform as TestDisk recover just like recovery file from deleted files that are accidentally from FAT, NTFS, and ext2 file system, but others have additional functionality. With TestDisk you can recover your boot sector, rebuild your boot sector, fix the FAT table, fix your MFT, find ext2/ext3 super block backups, find lost partitions with many formats that can help you find the lost data. Can be used for operating systems Windows / Mac / Linux.

PhotoRec is a supplementary program TestDisk. Like TestDisk, this application also without a GUI, but also strong enough to perform file recovery. Many users prefer PhotoRec as a safer alternative if the recovery disk is not required. Overall, PhotoRec is a powerful tool that fast and secure way to copy the files you delete to another hard disk. Can be used for operating systems Windows / Mac / Linux.

Restoration small size, without additional tools and is portable software. You can use it in all versions of Windows and Windows file systems. Restoration has the ability to sort files parameters such as size and file name. Can be used for the Windows operating system.

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