Setting Hotspot DHCP Server Using a Web Browser Access Login on the Device Mikrotik

See Video how to setting wifi hotspot on youtube
Hotspot is an area where there is Access Point Internet using Wi-Fi technology 802.11. Hotspot internet service can be accessed using a wireless laptop or without cable (for devices using Wi-Fi connection is appropriate). Usually hotspots can be found in public places like airports, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and so forth. Some of them even can be accessed free of charge.

To create a hotspot in the area around of your workplace or office, you need to make an access point. How to create an Access points? We already has describe it in the following article that is create access point with Mikrotik devices.

Below will discuss about the simple Step by step how to create a hotspot by using Mikrotik RouterBoard device. The steps are as follows:
  1. Creating and setting up the Access Point from the internet network that already exist.
  2. Creating and setting up a DHCP Server on Mikrotik RouterBoard through Winbox.
  3. Settings and create hotspot DHCP Server Using a Web Browser Access Login on the Device Mikrotik
In part of creating the access point and setting DHCP server have been discussed in previous articles. Please read the references to make and create the access point and setting the DHCP server on that link.

Therefore, we are just at the part to setting and create a hotspot on the Mikrotik with user's web browser-based login account. So that when users want to brows or surfing the internet, login menu will appear to enter a username and password authentication to access the internet via the hotspot network that we make.

Setting up an hotspot on the Mikrotik Device
This step aims to create or setup a hotspot that we will create as hotspot network. For more details, follow the steps in the image below:
Setting Hotspot Profiles
In this section serves to create hotspot profiles with profiles that hotspot will be access by entering a username and password in the browser to automatically show the login menu on the browser used when accessing the Internet. See picture below:
Setting user accounts for authentication
This section is used to add and edit user accounts that will access the the internet hotspots network that we make.
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