How to Fix limited or No Connectivity Status on Your Network

The limited or no connectivity Condition on your network connection basically is nothing problems with your computer, or problem connectivity to the router or modem, but the configuration of your wireless router is not perfect. This is usually associated with the DHCP configuration on the router is not active or there is a problem connection between the modem and internet (if the ISP (internet service provider" provides giving an DHCP service to clients).

Troubleshooting network with "limited or no connectivity status" is due to several different problems including a failed Internet connection, wireless router or adapter that does not configuring correctly. Follow these instructions for troubleshooting the network with this status.

Go to the control panel and look at the Network Connection and Right click the adapter and select Repair. Notice that it is on the normal status (connected) or still limited. This step is sure to get an IP address from a DHCP server.Open the TCP properties / IP from the adapter and make sure that TCP / IP configuration is to obtain an IP address automatically.

Disconnect the connection to the modem, wait a minute and connect again.

If there is a wireless router separate with a modem, disconnect the connection - wait a few minutes and connect it again.

Restart your computer

Until this step is still limited status, then see the configuration of the router or if its already enabled DHCP configuration.

Restart your computer. If the status is still Limited or no connectivity, and if the wireless computer and modem are separately, try to disconnect the modem and the router and then try to connect your computer directly to the modem. Restart the computer and check if the status has changed.

If still too limited status, contact your ISP. This status indicates the existence of failure function of DHCP server can not provide IP addresses to clients. Usually the ISP provides make a DHCP configuration parties to the clients.

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