One Touch to Protect, Hide and Lock Files, Folder, or Drives

Are you afraid when files, folders or hard drives you on access by unauthorized person, will shown to others people and causing the security of your data as highly confidential files in a folder or on the hard drives that can not be seen can be seen, read, maybe even be deleted. Therefore, protect your files from people who are not authorized with the help of TouchUp Data Protector.

With the help of the following software you can easily hide, lock files, folders, or your hard drives very safe due to see, open the special password is required that you first set when you install this program.

What are the advantages using One Touch to Protect:

One Touch Application
Look at the main menu on the left, where there are three main menu
  • Hide Data, you can hide files, folders and also partition of your hard disk so that the user invisible to others through this menu.
  • Lock Data as a function of the lock, with this menu allows you to lock files, folder containing a collection of files and even your har disk with a few clicks is very easy for anyone.
  • General, this part of menu is a help menu to change or edit your passwords with easy and fast just only by one click
Easy way
  • This data protection software is very easy to use by anyone for those who are professional or for ordinary computer users. Facilitated by the main menu on the left screen to access the main device to hide, or lock files, folders and drives.
  • To the right of the screen contains the command button is used to facilitate the command, the main menu to add or delete files / folders or drives that you hide, lock and other key complementary functions.
  • The bottom there is the ease in displaying a command button to Show or locked files, data / drive that you want.
Multifunction protection
The various features you can use the One Touch to Protect, among others:
  • Hides Facilities: Your personal data is hidden from the unauthorized users and applications.
  • Locks Feature: You files, folders and drives are locked so that unauthorized users can not access them.
  • Shred Feature Ensures completely deletion of sensitive files which is un-recoverable.
  • Encrypt Feature: Your files and folder are encrypted with AES.
  • Portable Function: Packs and encrypts a folder into an executable (.exe) so can be copy to anywhere safely.
  • Easy to use: With just clicks.
  • Security Tool: It can not be bypass as it work on driver with most advanced techniques.
  • Free Support: Tech support services is free lifetime.
  • No hassle and very easy to use for anyone
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Below is an example of using One Touch to Protect to hide files / folders / drives:

Open and run the program One Touch to Protect
The first time you run the program, the main menu will appear that asks for your password when first installing the program One Touch to Protect. Enter your password so that the main menu appears.
Main Menu of Hide Data

Main menu of Lock Data

Main Menu of General/Password

To hide or lock, the file / folder / drive and view or open a file, folder or drive that is hidden or locked are basically similar. Here is one example of how to hide files with One Touch to Protect

Select the menu Hide Data in the left side, then select sub-menus Hide Files and the click on the button Add Files and will be shown to you the file open dialog and then choose the files you want to hide and click open .... and check or remove check on the source files on hide the menu and finally press Hide Files button. Everything is done, your files will be hided. You can show your files by checking list of files and press Show Files button. See below picture:

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