How To Install Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows Xp

Microsoft Office 2010 is a package of office from one of the largest IT company that is Microsoft Corporation that was released beta version by the end of 2009. In the installation of Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows Xp operating system or earlier versions of Windows there is a problem that is error message Window appears as follows:

“Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s):
The installation of Microsoft Office 2010 requires that MSXML version 6.10.1129.0 be installed on your computer. Install this component and re-run setup.
Correct the issue(s) listed above and re-run setup.”

The question is, How to fix these problem?

There are two options you can do to solve the problem when occur error message as above:

The first way is to installing MSXML version 6.10.1129.0
In the above message appears when you run the setup file, appears the message that require to install MSXML version 6.10.1129.0 and the run setup file again. You can download Download MSXML version 6.10.1129.0 over below links according to your type of Windows operating system.

The second way to fix and solve above problems when installing Microsoft Office 2010 by Installing the Microsoft. NET Framework Version 3.5 or above versions first. Microsoft. NET Framework Version is a component that you can add to the Windows operating system. Component Microsoft. NET Framework is usually already integrated with the Windows operating system on the latest Windows operating system as Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you are using Windows Xp operating system you can download the Microsoft. NET Framework Version 3.5 for free.

Hopefully this article can helping everyone. If you have any or all of the information concerning about same things like that, please share this information in comments below.