How to Burn DVD Movies to VCD (Video CD)

Sometimes there are some limitations on the device such as the following factors:
  1. There is only VCD player at home but wanted to see DVD movies / videos on VCD player.
  2. Want to make a Video CD (VCD) from DVD movies / videos or DVD movies files / videos files.
  3. Forced to burn into a Video CD because Stock DVD blank then empty.
So to meet the above requirements, so we need to burn DVD movies / videos from DVD movies or DVD movies files / videos files from the source moveis DVD / video directly into the form video CD (VCD). How to burn DVD movies / Videos to Video CD?

This article will be described one way to burn DVD movies / Videos in the form of Video CD or VCD using several software and hardware on the computer. These following are list of hardware and software that you need to burn DVD movies into VCD form:
  1. Video Splitter software.
  2. Burning system software that support to make an Video CD (VCD).
  3. DVD RW atau just only need VCD RW IF videos OR movies are in form of DVD files movies/video (AVI, MPEG, etc).
  4. VCD Blank.
On this occasion the software we use is:
  1. Ultra Video Splitter as video splitter software
    ( Full Version or Free Download Trial Software )
  2. Nero burning system (Nero 7 Ultra Edition) to burn movies / videos into VCD blank
Here are the steps to burn DVD movies / videos to Video CD (VCD):
  1. Prepare your DVD video files you want to burn into VCD.
  2. Run the program Ultra Video Splitter, and then split DVD movies / video file into two parts (see the setting to split DVD movies / video files into 2 parts in the figure below).

    dvd to vcd
  3. After the DVD movies / videos are divided into two parts. Videos / movies files ready to burn on your VCD blank.
  4. Open the nero burning system program and follow steps to create a Video CD using Nero burning system in the writing “step by step using nero for burning MPEG-1 as result from ImTOO 3GP Video Converter
Good luck and if you have similar information please post it in the comments section below

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