Easy Create Pdf Files Using pdfFactory

Files in a Portable Document Format, or better known and very popular as PDF file is used both for personal purposes, or for the benefit of file-sharing distribution to friends or other colleagues for the benefit of even large companies in the distribution of documents for internal or external interests of the company.

Sometimes people think about the difficulties in creating an a pdf document that is; need a special program, expensive, complicated in creating and various other reasons. Here is a software that you offering to creating an pdf documents file with just two clicks.

This Software or program was developing by vendor that calling itself with FilePrint Software. As the name of the vendor, this program like a professional printer (soft printer), where you can create PDF documents from any window of the windows application you are running.

After pdfFactory program are installed, will automatically install the new printer device named pdfFactory. This printer types serve only to print the document in the form of a file does not print in paperback form but if you want to print it as pdf file you can also do it too. Operational use in a PDF document file is as follows:

Install program pdfFactory by downloading free trial download from vendor or buy it online from vendor.

From every window of your windows application that you are running press the print button, or the Ctrl + P on your keyboard, then select the printer pdfFactory and before you press OK, firstly try to see and click the Properties button of pdfFactory to adjust the output settings of pdfFactory. After press OK and will appear a new window title Printed with pdfFactory blah... bla ... bla ....
Immediately try and feel the features and ease of creating pdf files with instant document with just two clicks. Install the program by downloading the free pdfFactory trial download from the vendor or buy it online from the vendor.

Key Software Features:
  1. Creating PDF documents instantly with just 2 clicks from any windows application window you are running.
  2. Combining multiples document into a single pdf file, even from others sources
  3. Displaying documents with instant without save or open documents using acrobat reader or similar program.
  4. Safety factor; Encrypt and control access to PDF files that include Prevent printing, Prevent copying, Prevent editing, password protection
  5. Font embedding: All original fonts are displayed, even if the reader does not have them.
  6. Page insertion and deletion: Delete unwanted content before the PDF is created.
  7. Send via email: EMail PDFs with one click. Copy PDF to clipboard for pasting into an existing email.
  8. Easy server deployment: Click here for information on our Server Edition.

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