Easy and Quick to Search, Find, Browse Office File Documents

Are you working and dealing with files in particular Office documents, such as Word documents, Excel, PowerPoint? One of the real conditions that you face is to finding the right file according to your needs, you need open up tens and even hundreds of Office files one by one through Microsoft Office application. This is not very effective and efficient is not it?. And even make you dizzy, tired of the routine search and open for files one by one through Microsoft Office application

Here is a software that can help you open a Word document, Excel, PowerPoint with fast, free, without opening it first in Microsoft Office applications. Thus you will be able to search and find document files you need quickly, more efficiently and effectively. So that your work productivity will increase.

This application or program called OfficeBrowse that gives you the convenience facility for looking Office documents files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) with free, fast, and easy.

How do I use this software:
  1. Run the OfficeBrowse application
  2. Window appears as below:

  3. Through the window, just only by click on the folder and browse its contents with a single click, without opening the file on Microsoft Office application.
Hopefully useful. If you have any information about such things, please write on comments below.

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