DVD Movies to MP4 ( Ipod, Iphone, Sony Psp, Mp4, Apple T V ) Converter

Did you want to save and play your favorite collection of DVD movies to ipod, iphone, sony psp, apple TV, or your another Mp4 players? There are special software offer turn your DVD into MP4 format that gives you easy to save your DVD movies and play your favorite movies in MP4 Player (Ipod, Iphone, Sony PSP, Mp4, Apple TV and others MP4 player) to your own or show it to your friends wherever you are.

This software called Quick DVD to MP4. Use of this software is very easy. All procedures for converting DVD movies to Mp4 format only done with four steps are:
  1. Click the picture to open a DVD that will be convert.
  2. Choosing the target format
  3. Choosing a device profile according to your needs and requirements.
  4. Click on the picture ... for beginning to rip your DVD movies
  5. Done
See the picture below for more details:

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Advantages and features of Quick DVD To MP4:
  1. Rip DVD Movies to ipod video format in the form of mpeg-4, H.264
  2. Built in player for Preview movies/video
  3. Supports DVD audio and subtitle
  4. Batch conversion
  5. Very easy to use for anyone, with some easy to setting up parameters to understand.
  6. Video splitter feature to split a large movies in a small capacity.

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