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Video streaming become an interesting course because it contains visual and audio content that you can enjoy online via internet. Even if you want to download flash video streaming over internet as you like and then to collect it so you can play whenever you like, you can easily download it using video Downloader similar programs.

Iwisoft Flash Video Downloader provides the facility where you can download flash video streaming on the Internet with ease. This software works by monitoring the activities of Internet browsers and when you direct your browsers to the address of the sites that has flash video player on it, Iwisoft Flash Video Downloader will automatically display a pop-up window that shows you that there is a streaming flash video ready for you to download using Iwisoft Flash Video Downloader.

With Iwisoft Flash Video Downloader, you only need to enter a site address that existing a flash video player on it into your browser, and the program will always monitor the activities of the browser. If your browser find Flash video player on it, the program will display a pop-up window that indicates flash streaming video you want is ready for downloading.

This program are supported almost all flash video streaming, among others: Shock Wave Flash (.SWF), Flash Video (.FLV), MPEG-4 Video (.MP4), Windows Media (.WMV), MPEG Video (.MPG), Real Media (.RM), 3GP Video (.3GP), Quick Time Movie (.MOV), Flash Video (.F4V), MPEG-4 Video (.M4V), Windows Media (.ASF), MPEG Video (.MPEG), Real Media (.RMVB), 3GP Video (.3G2), AVI Video (.AVI), MP3 Audio (.mp3), WMA Audio (.wma).

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Iwisoft Flash Video Downloader supports most common browsers used by Internet users such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Maxthon and even you can add by yourself about the browsers program that will be monitored by Iwisoft Flash Video Downloader.

Thus, this program is very powerful for you to use as a flash video downloader which can not only download videos from streaming video online sites such as youtube, but can be used to download streaming video online from any site that has a Flash video player on it.

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