Trouble on Mouse

There are two type problem on mouse as input device of computer including unknown of mouse and damage or broken on mouse or port of mouse it self. How to identifying mouse problem and how to fix and solve it. On the below article will try and guide you to understanding and identifying your mouse problem by your self. It will not spending a lot of time than you go to an computer troubleshooter and of course will spend your time and your money. So save your time and money for others.

Unknown mouse

If at the first time when you turn in on your computer and the mouse are anknown by your operating system, there are some possibility that can causing this problem, including:
  1. The cable of your mouse not connected properly on the port connector of mouse. So, check the these line of cable, and also give notice possibility if there are lost on cable of mouse.

  2. Possibility number two is driver of the device for your mouse is not installed correctly. If your computer using Dos operating system, driver of the device for your mouse commonly can be placed on CONFIG.SYS file or AUTOEXEC.BAT file, check both these two file and file location place of these file.

  3. If your computer using windows operating system, you can check it on the properties of system through device manager. Here are ways to goes to device manager from your desktop right click on the My Computer>>Choose Properties>> Choose Hardware >>Device Manager. If the your are installed correctly it will showing to you like picture below.
Damaging on mouse or port of mouse it self.

To make sure if there is damaging on mouse of port of your mouse it self, you can try with change your mouse with another one. The commonly problem is mouse can’t function properly. The abnormality from your mouse might because:
  1. Your mouse has been identifying by operating system but not function. Usually this problem is experience by who are usage windows operating system. Mouse just seen as a cursor, and sign of arrow or other sign of mouse on the center from screen of the monitor, and can be movement. This problem might because damaging on mouse or the driver of mouse is not appropriate. To fix this problem you can try to remove these driver by uninstalling it and then detect your mouse again by wizard from system and also prepare the right driver from your mouse. If the mouse are detected and still not working properly, so the possibility is damaging on your mouse.

  2. Your mouse run stagnant or the cursor jumps around. You can fix this problem with try to repairing the drive device of mouse or setting up mouse speed from Control Panel. If not working too, open cover of mouse and try to cleaning mouse ball place.

  3. If the mouse button not responding correctly, try to set it from control panel via mouse speed. In addition you can also try to cleaning mouse button with contact cleaner liquids.

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