Tips for Caring and Maintenance Laptop or Notebook

Maintenance and notebook care must be a major concern, especially if the notebook or laptop is often taken to everywhere, everywhere. How to to make your notebook performance remains optimal, and always appear to shine? Here are some simple tips in caring and avoid your laptop from early damage as well as for long life your notebook. These following are some tips for caring and maintenance your laptop or notebook, that is:

  1. Not offhand download of free software from the internet.
  2. Moreover, for example software that seems as an antivirus. Use the software that you get from the package from buy a laptop. The risk of the virus can damaging your laptop if you carelessly use software from the internet. If you still want to use software from downloading iver internet, make sure you have scanned with antivirus software that you have.

  3. Do not place your laptop on the floor.
  4. When your laptop on the floor, so possibility and risky for your laptop have tread by someone, your children, or pets. Children will think if your laptop as toys and your pets can also damage several parts of your laptop. In addition, the laptop that is put on the floor will be dirty by dust quickly

  5. Use a stabilizer
  6. If you are working on the laptop using electric power (without battery), then you should use a stabilizer that can prevent electric voltage that is not stable to your laptop.

  7. Do not place any objects between the keyboard and laptop screen.
  8. Often someone who uses a laptop, and then placed some papers on the keyboard of laptop, and then close the laptop. This is very dangerous, because the risk of screen scratches is higher. Of course you do not want to replace a laptop screen because these problem.

  9. Do not place your laptop on the surface that is too soft.
  10. For example, placing your laptop on the sofa which is very soft, so that the laptop looks to be slightly submerged in the sofa. This is very dangerous, because it can prevent discharge heat in the laptop and make your laptop too too.

  11. Be careful when carrying your laptop in the bag.
  12. Do not use any bag to carry your laptop. Use a bag that is used for laptop so that other objects will not touch certain parts on the laptop.

  13. Never drink or eat or, put drink water that contains liquids around the laptop.
  14. This is very dangerous, because the laptop is very sensitive to the liquid, such as a liquid into the keyboard.

  15. Never attempt to disassemble your own laptop.
  16. This is an action that is not very wise. Laptops are not likely radio or regular tape recorder. Many of the parts that are very small that are from manufacturer's is built using robots precision. If you are careless, then your laptop can be complextly damaged. Always bring your laptop that are damaged to the dealer or service center accordance with the brand of your laptop or notebook.

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