Repairing Windows Xp operating system Without Re-installing Windows

repair windows xpEvery computer operating system can be damaged and can’t work by some reasons, including attacking by virus, human error or because windows lost or missing files .dll. Some people try to repair their windows that are broken by new reinstalling again with the same version of window and some others don’t want to reinstalling it and just repair their windows.How repair Windows Xp that are broken or not working or run.

If your windows xp operating system are broken (corrupted), which where you didn’t have dual opearting system on your computer for booting system. You can try to reapiring your windows (in windows opeating system also called “repair install”), if this step successfull the repair install option will work and run just like configuration setting that will be repair. Here are step by step to do this action:
  1. Make sure you have a valid key of Windows Xp that you will Make sure you have a valid key of Windows Xp that you will be repair.
  2. It will be take a time approximately less than half o’clock to one hours according to the specification of computer.
  3. If during installation and system ask to you and Administrator Password, you should try option number two not number one that is repair option.
  4. First, you have to setting up BIOS to make first boot from CD/DVD R/RW.
  5. Insert CD master of Wndows XP that version are same as with the old windows xp that broken and boot from CD.
  6. After booting are finished, it will showing to you three option that is:

    To Setup Windows XP now, press ENTER ( this option will reinstalling windows with newly and all program that has been installed on windows that broken will be destroyed).

    To Repair a Windows Xp installation using Recovery Console, press R (this option will repair your windows with the same version of Windows Xp that are broken.

    To quit Setup without installing Windows Xp, press F3 (this option will quit Setup without installing Windows).

  7. Chose option number two to Repair your windows
  8. To go to the next step, press F8 Key for accepting an agreement (“I Agree at the Licensing Agreement”) from Microsoft corporation to installing a Windows Xp operating system.
  9. Next, press R button when the place of directory Windows Xp are installed. Usually on C:\WINDOWS.
  10. Then system will checking on on the drive C and starting for copying files. And your computer will restart automatically if necessary. So lets your cd master of windows Xp on the CD/DVD.
  11. During reparation the system will showing to you progressing of Setup that are the part of repairing your windows. It is look like as common installation of windows operating system newly, including “Collecting Information, Dynamic Update, Preparing Installation, Installing Windows, Finalizing Installation”.
  12. When system asking to you to enter a valid key of your Windows Xp, enter a valid key.
  13. Normally you want to configure your setup Domain or Workgroup same as with the old windows that are damaged.
  14. After all entry of windows setup are done, your computer will restart and then you will have the same screen on your monitor just like activation system when on the normal installation
  15. Register your system if necessary.
  16. Done, and now you can log in with already account.

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