Repair Windows Xp: Corrupt or Missing with NTOSKRNL

If You are using windows operating system and has experience with an error message that seen “NTOSKRNL not found” on your windows operating system what should we do to fix this problem? Here are step by step to fix and solve this problem without reinstalling your windows.

Some preparation to perform this action including CD or DVD R/RW drive, the same version CD Master of Windows XP that has missing or corrupt on NTOSKRNL, and some knowledge base of Disk Operating System (DOS) command prompt and of course will spend your time and concentration and a cup of tea.

Here are step by step repairing windows Xp with Corrupt or Missing on NTOSKRNL:
  1. Put Cd master Windows Xp on CD/DVD R/RW drive and booting up from CD.
  2. After finish from booting up, there are will shown to you three option that is:

    To Setup Windows XP now, press ENTER ( this option will reinstalling windows with newly and all program that has been installed on windows that broken will be destroyed).

    To Repair a Windows Xp installation using Recovery Console, press R (this option will repair your windows with the same version of Windows Xp that are broken.

    To quit Setup without installing Windows Xp, press F3 (this option will quit Setup without installing Windows).

    repair windows xp recovery console
  3. Choose option 2 to repair your windows using recovery console. To choose this option just press R key on your keyboard
  4. After press R key, it will appears on your screen that will asking to you to choose where is the location of windows that will be repair using recovery console from Cd master. So, just press number accordance with the location of your windows that you want to repair. Usually press #1
    repair windows xp recovery console
  5. Move to CD drive which where containing the cd master of Windows Xp using command prompt.
  6. Make sure the command from are on the CD drive and then write CD i386
  7. Write: “ntkrnlmp.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe”
  8. If your windows are installed on different directory or drive, so you just only change “C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe” with the new place or directory according to the location where the windows xp are installed.
  9. Release your CD master of Windows Xp from cd/dvd drive and write Exit and then press ENTER on your keyboard.
  10. Finish, and Computer will be restart.

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