Protect Your Program From Usage By Other User

In this decades, everyone can use computer noting excepting, including your children, everybody around your computer. While your home or office computer may also was installed some program or application that you will not be able to be used by other users when these users using your home or office computer. For those purpose, these individual program have to be protected in order to can’t be used by others people.

One of the software program that can be used or should be used is Exe Password Protector. Exe password protector is an program that will protect these program that has been protected with this software from access by others people.

Exe password protector will protect and lock .exe file extention program. The program that have protected by Exe password protector, when these program are try to open and run by computer users, it is will showing to users a window for write a password to open and run the program.

How to use Exe Password Protector?

Here is step by step to protect Exe program using Exe Password Protector:
  1. Install Exe Password Protector onto your computer.
  2. Run these program. Then choose Protect executable mode, so browse the executable file program that you want to be protect using this software. See below picture:

    program exe password protector
  3. Step number three, when you press Next button on the step number one, program wil shown to you to create a password for protect executable program that you choose. Just create an password and remember it .

    program exe password protectorOn the below confirm text box, there is a option to Mask password, if you given check option on the Mask password, the text password will be mask and you never see what exactly password that has been you created. So, to make sure what you type into box password, don’t given check on the option Mask password.

program exe password protector
program exe password protector

  • To finishing for protecting executable program just click on the Next button.
  • Your program will be protect by Exe password protector and just only that can be open it. Get Full Version Software and download program.

    How to unprotected program or application that was be protected?
    Run Exe password protected and choose Unprotected executable, and then follow the wizard just like to protect executable program. See below picture:

    unprotected executable program

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