Problem with Bios

You mush have pay attention for upgrading your BIOS, when you try to upgrading BIOS and you have wrong to choose a version of BIOS, the your computer will not be able to run, even more you can not access and log on to BIOS setup.

Almost all case like that usually can’t be canceled, just only several type of motherboard that have BIOS backup on their chip. On these chip has stored the genuine type of BIOS that can not be remove, and for restore it you just only moving the specific jumper position that usually was available a book guidance manually. Then turn it on your personal computer and wait for 10 seconds, and the genuine BIOs has been restore, then returned position of the jumper at the originally position.

If the motherboard haven’t these feature, BIOS chip have to delivered to the BIOS manufacturer. The type of BIOS can be identifying by seen on the book guidance manually. Be careful for installation, not until the BIOS IC legs broken or inverted position.

Beep Voice on CPU

Did you have experience if your CPU has release a few beep voice in the speaker and nothing screen on the monitor, while nothing happen on your monitor?

Beep voice indicates if there is something wrong from the BIOS, these Beep indicate the type of error that happens on your PC, usually these error located in the non-detected Memory, VGA Card, which is not installed properly, even Processor and cable data of monitor can also be the cause. Please check your problem.

This following are some error message from BIOS.

BIOS Beep error usually not indicates to all motherboards have the same error, it is depending on the type of the BIOS.

  1. Once beep: This symptom indicate that RAM / Memory is not connected properly or damaged.
  2. Six times Beep: error of Gate A20 – it’s indicates if Keyboard is damaged or IC Gate A20 it self.
  3. Eight times Beep: this can happen because Graphic Card / VGA Card not installed properly or damaged.
  4. Eleven times beep: checksum error, check on battery of the Bios, and replace with the new one.
  1. Long time once beep: this symptom indicate if your RAM / Memory is not installed properly or damaged.
  2. Once beep and two times Beep with Short Length: this is symptom if Damage On video Graphic Card (VGA), you can can also check on the Installation of these slot if not fit (less entry).
  3. Once long beep and three times beep with Short Length: Keyboard not installed or damaged.
  4. Not lost beep / beep continuously; this indicates if your Graphic Card or RAM is not detected by BIOS.
Damage, broken or low on CMOS battery

Sign and symptom; will appears message failure CMOS checksum / Battery Low, that is caused by the voltage that supply IC CMOS/BIOS not normal because low of battery, so BIOS setup gos to default/standard BIOS setup from manufacturer, and hardware configuration should be set back. To solve this problem is replace the battery with the new one.

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