Maximize, Improve and increasing Wi-fi Connection

If we talking about Wi-fi connection, the first thing and the main factor and it is very determining to improve and increasing and getting your faster speed of your wi-fi connection is about location or place. Therefore, place your Wi-fi router at the spot that possibility all your computer get good and the best signal.

What about the ideal Wifi connection? The ideal Wi-Fi connection is Wi-Fi should be placed on the top and highest place in your home all office which where your Wifi established. Why in the highest places on your home or office? We should to do like this in order to covering network connection properly.

How to check, which where place that can covering network connection properly?

First, place your Wi-fi router closely or in the one room with your modem broadband, then connected usage Notebook Wireless, after connected, walking around with that notebook to all of the room and notify the strength of the signal that captured by wireless adapter administration software, usually as far as distance so the strength of the signal is also down.

The other factor that influence on the wifi connection is medium or media, and the media that has very big influence to Wi-Fi connection is Metal, Wall / Stone, Human, cordless phone and water. All those media can cause rebound or reflection of the signal that has been captured or can infiltrate the signal of connection so that the signal that will be capture or received by your wireless on notebook will be very slow.


The ideal for placing your Wi-Fi router is on the highest place and as far as possible from a wall, and don’t place your Wi-Fi router closely with the window, because it is will because your Wi-fi connection will be go out or leak and make your connection slowdown, unless if you want to perform an wifi connection from outside.

For 802.11g Wi-Fi network that have range of frequency 2.4 GHz, almost same as with Microwave frequency (radio waves on the cordless phone). By activating a WEP or WPA can also increasing speed of data transferring significantly.

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