How Do i to Reset Printer Manually?

On the Printer such as Canon, Epson, HP Inkjet all type, the number of printing will always accumulated up to certain limits. And if they are already reached the limit set, then will overload with marked by LED lights up alternately, or usually called Blinking. If this happens, so printer devices required to be served. It is not problem if our home are closely with hardware troubleshooting especially printer troubleshooter, but if not what will we do?. The solution we have to service our printer by self. It’s will need an resetter software and tricks how to reset printer.

One thing you need to know is the cost to reset the printer that are reasonable expensive and if you know how easy way to reset printer you will ask why it’s so expensive cost to reset printer. besides software that is used to reset printer it is free software that can be downloaded from the internet without cost.

How to reset printer manually?
  1. Unplug power cable of the printer (cable that connecting printer with the electric power).
  2. Press the "Power On" and hold do not release it and directly attach power cable of the printer.
  3. Once the cable is installed, the "Power On" is not yet released (depressed) and press Resume button 2 times.
  4. Release all (Resume and Power button).
  5. You can use your printer now.
The weakness of these manual is way is if the cable power are unplugged/ power off or disconnected, then you must repeats above procedure to be able use your printer again. To overcome this problem, the solution is to use the Resetter Software in accordance with the type of printer that will be Reset.

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