Hard disk Drive Not Detected on Your Notebook or Laptop

 hard drive notebook
Did you has experience if your notebook does not detect the hard drive connected to your notebook, you shouldn’t have any conclusion, if your hard disk drive of your notebook is broken, but it is can become the worst and last possibility that the risk for you to replace your notebook hard disk drive with the newly one. How to check it out and what you have got to do?

A hard disk drive of notebook that is both Parallel ATA or Serial ATA, most directly connected to the motherboard via a slot. Usually a notebook has been designed as closely as possible to reduce any effects of shock that can cause movements of slot position that connecting between hard drives to the motherboard. But, This is not a matter that is impossible if these events can be occured, only slightly changed its position could cause the pins on the hard drive is not connected properly to the motherboard of your laptop or notebook.

In addition because shock on your notebook or laptop, it is can be also caused by other factors. If your notebook are in use, your notebook or laptop will release a heat effects because of performance of the notebook or laptop. The heat effects as long as run this can cause a scaling in the pins of hard disk drive slot, both located in the hard disk or on the motherboard of your notebook or laptop.

If you have experience like that, to fix and solve this problem is, first you have to know early where is the position of the hard drive, and then try to open to open and release these hard disk drive from the slot.

If you don’t exactly understanding how the hard disk drive position is installed onto motherboard, first Look carefully how the hard drive is connected to the motherboard, if there is such a lock or safe guard, as it would be dangerous if you pull the original course.

After a hard drive apart from the slot in the motherboard try to clean up the slot of the motherboard and also clean up the hard drives with fluid tiner or contact cleaner, and then dried with a clean tissue. Re installing your hard drive carefully and try turn on your notebook again.

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