Easy Way To Capture All Computer Screen Activity Using ACS ScreenRecorder

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ScreenRecoreder is one of the screen recorder software manufactured by ACS soft solutions. SreenRecorder is handy tool software for capturing any activity on your computer screen easily. This software will capture screen activity and save it as AVI (Audio Video Interleave) an SWF (shockwave file) file after capturing has finished through your command. Under your control you can begin to start capturing, pause and also stop to capture the monitor screen

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Introducing ScreenRecorder

Configuration Program

For capturing with full screen capture that mean this program will capture all activity screen in full screen, and minimize the program during capturing, and also play the result of capturing when capturing are finished, just only do it like below explanation:
  1. On the main menu program choose command button show option.
  2. And then check all option of Application Option and on the Capture Region tab choose Full screen capture. See below picture

    capture screen recorder software
You can setting up screen capture region as you like. For example if you want to capture screen by width an height screen, on the option menu > go to Capture Region and then choose Fixed region capture and write how much width and height the screen you want to capture. If you choose this option, you should to adjust your screen with the ScreenRewcorder software for the best output in orer to make sure if all window you capture are captured.

capture screen recorder software
How to save the result of capturing as SWF or AVI file vieo format?

ScreenRecorder provide easy way to capture screen activity as SWF and Avi vieo format. you can to do this action by click on the command button menu Record To Avi or Record To Swf

capture screen recorder softwarecapture screen recorder software

If you has been save the results of capturing onto AVI file vieo format, you can also convert it to SWF video file format through this screen recorder software, here is the way: From main menu ScreenRecorer, choose menu Option on the tab menu, and then will shown to you sub menu of Option menu that is Convert Avi To SWF. Such as picture Below:

capture screen recorder software
After all configuration is done according to your requirement, the last step is to recording all your screen activity an save it as video file as you like and as you need. To do this action just click on the command button Record. See below picture.

capture screen recorder softwareAfter all you nee to capture your screen monitor, you can stop capturing and then the program will showing to you which where you want to save the output file.

capture screen recorder softwareScreen recording has finished and you can use it anyway as you need and you like anywhere, anytime for your collection or tutorial guidance.

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