Burn Amr file into CD Blank

Some mobile mobile can record and save it as Amr file for every sound around them, including your conversation with your friend, your own voice from mobile device, record from tv shows, and others voice around mobile device. In case, almost mobile device just only has a little capacity of memory and in the future if you don't remove or delete Amr file that has been recorded, the memory of your mobile device will full. But, you don't want your own record are loss just only like that because it memorable you with some situation or something like that. So, the solution is you can burn it all of record in your mobile device into CD blank. You can to do this with simple and easy way using some software application.

Software and Device requirements
1. Card Reader
Card reader is needed when your mobile has an MMC (MultiMedia Card), so you just plug it off MMC from your mobile device and put in on Card reader and connect card reader to your computer.

2. Mobile Cable data (USb cable data)

This device will be require if your mobile device has not MMC. You need to install driver for usb cable data according to the device specification and manufactured. Usually the driver of the cable data is also available when you buy an mobile device.

3. Amr converter software
Amr converter software will allow you to convert Amr file to other format that can be possible to be burn into cd blank using burner system software. In this case to convert amr we will use Power AMR MP3 WAV WMA M4A AC3 Audio Converter.

4. Burner system software
This software will we use to burn file that has been converted into CD blank. Well, we will use Nero burning system to burn it into cd blank. There many option you can choose to burn into cd blank including: burn file as data, burn file as vcd , burn file as audio cd. If you just only to move your record in to cd blank, you can choose burn file into cd as data. But if you want to your record from mobile device can be played onto your cd/dvd player in home you need to choose burn file as audio cd or vcd.

To save file and collect it for own bussiness

6. Cd or Dvd Rw Drive

The following is step by step burn Amr file into cd.
  1. First you have to install burning system software such as Nero Burning system and Amr converter software. We suggest you to use Power AMR MP3 WAV WMA M4A AC3 Audio Converter. it's very powerful amr converter.
  2. Connect your MMC or your mobile device to the computer.
  3. Run Power AMR MP3 WAV WMA M4A AC3 Audio Converter. Then Convert your Amr file into other audio file format that supported for burner system software to be burn into cd.
  4. Run burner system software to burn amr file that has been convert into others audio file format into cd blank. For example visit here.
  5. Everything is done, and you can use it every time and every where you need.

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