Windows Failure and Not Loading On Computer?

Many people have problem to load their windows when turning on or Restarting their Computer , even the computer just only appears an error message such as "dll not found" or shown “blue screen when try log on to Windows. These sign can be caused by many things that different, including;

  1. There is one or more files on windows operating system are removed accidentally.
  2. There are some virus, spyware or trojan which load together when computer is startup.
  3. There are some broken of drivers file, and windows failed to read them.
  4. There is broken on the hardware, particularly on the hard disk drive or memory.
  5. Failure on BIOS set or newly changed.
How do i to check and solve it?
  1. Startup using Safe Mode Methode (usually almost all computer by press f5, f8, f3 key when the computer is firstly on and start up to log on to windows, and then choose Safe Mode. If the computer successfully log on to windows it mean there is an “loading” that can be read by windows properly. Turning of these loading with command “msconfig” using run command and look at the startup tab. You can to do this by start>Run>type msconfig on the box of Run command.

  2. If your computer can’t log on to windows, the easiest way is repairing your windows. It’s meaning you will reinstalling your windows from windows cd master. How to do this? Insert CD master of windows, then you have to setting up your BIOS in order to run and startup windows through CD/DVD-ROM, after installation go into install windows, choose option repair windows. You can also reinstalling windows to other new folder or formatting hard disk in fact failure to repair old windows.

  3. Make sure you didn’t changes Bios setting before, if there are some change on BIOS setup, you should return it, if you forget to returning it just only select option 'Loading default BIOS'.

  4. If the above steps all fail, there is likely damage to the your hardware. Damage is generally located on the memory and hard disk drive. VGA and Motherboard may be damaged too, but the probability is very small.

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