Troubleshooting on Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk is the most important element on your desktop or laptop computer. There some common problem on the hard disk that you can identifying and fix it by your self or by hardware troubleshooter. Some these problem including:

when the CPU are turning on and then computer will doing Post process, after it the process would not continue and silent in a moment and do not direct log on to the operating system, and in your computer monitor there are an message “hard disk error”, hard disk failure, and then will appear to you “Press F1 to continue”. And after we pressing F1 key, can’t load to log on to operating system that was installed and appear message “Operating system not found”. How this can be happen and how do i to fix and solve it?

First you have to check on the cable voltage and cable data that entry to the hard disk drive, is it loose? If yes, you must to tighten, and then turn on again computer and try to listen whether the voice that was release from hard disk are normal, if no, it’s mean the controller of hard disk drive is broken and to resolve it you must change the controller.

When the CPU is turning on and doing Post process, after it, the computer shown to you and message “operating system not found”. What about this?

There are an possibility if your operating system is broken, you can fix it by reinstalling again your operating system or if you are using windows 2000/XP operating system, there is an repair facility to repair it. There are also an other possibility that is hard disk can not be detected and you should to do above steps.

The symptom of problem is bad sector on your hard disk drive.

there are some factors that can be caused bad sector on your hard disk drive including; electric voltage aren’t stable, often have break out of electrical flow suddenly, computer not yet be Shutting down after using computer, computer usage too long. There are two type of bad sector that is physically and software. There are some way to fix these problem including try to use bad sector software to remove the bad sector.

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