Printer Seem Like Printing, But Nothing Written On Paper

This Cases are generally caused by empty of ink or toner printer or utmost carbon in your ribbon printer. Try to replace the ink, toner or ribbon with a newly ink, toner or ribbon. Do not forget to check if there are things that impede the head with the paper (such as a plastic seal on the new printer). There are some cases in the printer that uses ink, which where the ink is still in the head of printer has dried because the printer is not used so long , and then will blockage.particularly for printer that it head can be removed easily, these problems sometimes can be completed with the following simple way:

  1. Remove the head and from the printer cartridge.
  2. Separate ink cartridge from head.
  3. Make sure you do not holds a series of electronic around the head of a printer that has been separated because you can make it broken.
  4. Take hot water, pour in a bowl.
  5. Dipping the tip of the head in hot water in the bowl. Note: the water hasn’t to touch a series of electronics in around the head because it can harm it and make it broken!
  6. Concussed these head until the ink is in the head melt.
  7. Repeat steps immersion (4 to 6) above with a new hot water until the new hot water fixed clear (not contaminated with ink that go out from head).
  8. Dried the Head with a dry cloth until completely dry.
  9. Place ink cartridge with head. It is recommended to use a new cartridge.
  10. Replace the cartridge and head to the printer and try to printing some documents.
To facilitate understanding, the illustration below is a description for step 4 up to step 6 of the instructions above:

When you have to do steps for cleaning the head such as above direction but the results remain the same, the possibility of blockage is happened on the distribution pipe ink. If this happens, try to evaporate ink channel of head with heat steam to approximately ink that is in the pipeline are melt, and then repeat the steps above for cleaning the head.

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