The Printer Can Not Printing Document

There are several possibilities that can cause the printer can not printing. You can start to check the following:

  1. Check the printer connection with the electric cable network. Make sure the printer power cable connectors to have connected (stop contact) with perfect connection to the electric cable network.
  2. Ensure the switch "on-off" printer or switch button printer in a position "on". Problems caused by lack of power for the printer is usually marked with not flare up LED (indicator light) from the printer, as long as the printer uses LED for power indicator.
  3. Check the printer cable connection data, is already connected to the parallel port / USB port on the computer correctly.
  4. Try to use other data cable printer (friend loans) as an experiment. Ever some cases have occurred due to rupture of one of the copper data cable in the middle of the cable so the data from the computer can not be up to the printer.
  5. When you are using operating system from Microsoft ® Windows ®, and you are using a printer connected to the parallel port on your computer, try running the following bold command in MSDOS ® Prompt window:
  6. C: \> dir>> LPT1
  7. The purpose of above command is to distort the result of view of "dir" command (commands for view list of the directory contents) from which should be to monitor, but be transferred to parallel port of the the computer.
  8. Make sure you have to install a properly and correct driver for the printer.
  9. Make sure you have choose the appropriate driver for the printer you use.
  10. Make sure you have selected the correct port for your printer. View this option through the properties menu of the printer.
  11. Try to use text editor application standard for your operating system to print one or some document (for example notepad). If your text editor application can print, then it's likely not an error on your printer.
  12. Try to change your printer settings to "Default Printer" or try to re-install the printer driver for your printer with the other name of printer and change these new installation as "Default Printer".
  13. Make sure you have sufficient disk space on your hard disk. Sometimes if the buffer is not enough then the data can not be sent to the printer perfectly.
  14. Try to change the setting "spooler" to your printer through the printer properties. Features "spooler" is used with the goal that you can still run the application when printing a document.
  15. Check whether there is a resource conflict with the port that used by your printer. Use assistance "hardware troubleshooter" when a conflict occurs.
These case may also be caused by problems on port of your computer. To know it, if these steps above you have to do but does not find point of light , try to move your printer port connection to another port (for example USB1 to USB3) or try your printer in another computer

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