PC not responding, when Power button is pressed

When you press power button of computer to activate or turn on your PC, but PC does not show sign of life. What happened? If this happens on your PC, there are several possibilities that must be examined one by one gradually.

Step 1: Check all the electrical network, from the AC outlet to the PSU (power supply unit) of your PC. What have been installed perfectly. Ensure the switch from the PSU in the ON position, or if you use a UPS (uniterruptable power supply) and / or stabilizer AVR (automated voltage regulator). Make sure all in the ON position and in good working condition.

Step 2: in case if possibility cause aren’t in the step one, so the others possibility is on your personal computer self. Make sure all cables (especially power cables) and the components installed correctly. Start by opening computer casing, and then hits back component cables and connectors available. Sometimes this is because the plug is not connected with perfect. Also beware about ATX 12V, which can be found on most motherboards four years. Motherboard will not act, without the power portion of this connector.

Step 3: This will be making enough. Do it to checks device main items one by one. It menas about a CPU and motherboard. Make sure both are still functioning well. because, if the CPU is broken, the system will not work at all. Similarly, if the motherboard is broken. Especially for the business portion charged (MOSFET, the power on the PCB and so on). This will also cause the PC will not act at all.

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