Computer Troubleshooting: Computer is Dead

When you turn in on your computer on your home or office work, your computer not given to you any response and may also the light on your computer that usually live, but at this time not. This is a very peeve thing, it may be the information below can help you:

  1. You may need to check first is whether a cable power in your computer is plugged properly (not loose). Check it all of cable that connected to your computer, monitor, unit power supply (UPS) or stabilizer, whether connected to the power source. THE UPS OR stabilizer may also damaged if you do not have a problem on the cable, try to do not use UPS or stabilizer first, see if your computer was turn on.

  2. Remember first if you have previously has made to changes on your computer before, such as change voltage of the power supply, or move the computer or changes especially on the deep part of the computer, or change the BIOS settings. If true, just return just like before or check again the part that has been you touched and changes whether it’s installed correctly.

  3. If you have to change BIOS settings, and you can not change it back because the computer does not have the response, then you need to reset the BIOS manually. Read the guide book of the Mainboard at the part how to reset BIOS setting. Do it correctly.

  4. Do your computer release an voice sound 'beep' long or repeated? If so, the possibility is VGA Card or your memory have not installed properly. Try to open the computer case cover and check first, or plug and play the VGA card or memory if you already believe it is the problem.
When all the things above has been you done, but the computer still does not work, there is possibility if any damaged on your computer. In general, the damage that may occur:
  1. Damage is usually in the Power Supply, if the computer does not work at all.

  2. Damage on the VGA Card, Mainboard & Memory, if the monitor of computer are turn on but the screen turn dark. It’s can also be occur because Certainly Harddisk damage.

  3. Damage to the screen (LCD) when the computer turn on, and there are sound 'beep' one time and the light of the Harddisk is up, and all the fan are running.
If you have any spare spare part of the hardware above and you have the ability to install the component, you can do it yourself. If not we suggest you to contact computer store or a person professional expert or hardware troubleshooter to handle it.

If you computer is still in the warranty period you should to contact to the store place that sell these computer, do not try to repair it by self because warranty my completely used up when you remove the particular component.

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